• November 28, 2015

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Thank you for reading the newspaper

A lot is said about gratitude, especially during Thanksgiving. One of my favorites is from the theologian Meister Eckhart who said, “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, that will be enough.”

Where is affordability in Affordable Care Act?

I recently had the “pleasure” of signing up for Obamacare. To say that I found the process irritating would be an understatement. Both my wife and I are retired municipal employees from Phoenix and because the feds deem our insurance plan a “Cadillac” plan we were forced off.

What we got was a plan that has a deductible that is four times higher than we had and premiums that are higher too. Not all doctors accept Obamacare and dental is a separate policy.

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Why skip the turkey on Thanksgiving?

While President Obama is pardoning two turkeys for Thanksgiving, every one of us can exercise that same presidential power by choosing a nonviolent Thanksgiving observance that spares a turkey’s life.

And here are some good reasons:

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Thank you, students

Thank you to the students of Nikolaus Homestead Elementary, Whipple Ranch and Vernon schools for their Veterans Day Programs held on Nov. 10.

At each school the Color Guard from VFW Post 9907 was privileged to post the colors to start off their programs and then become part of the audience. 

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Class acts

Dr. Farr and Dynamic Dentistry are class acts. Not only do they sacrifice their time and money to offer free dental services to veterans on Veterans Day, but they do so with a smile and unmatched professionalism.

I have never met a better group of people. I highly recommend them and their services to anyone needing dental services.

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Correction to letter

I am writing to thank you for including my editorial, “Wolves need our help,” in the Nov. 20 Independent. It is truly appreciated!

My only concern was that in paragraph 2 where it indicates, “In 1998 there were even Mexican wolves left,” there was a typo, however. It should have said, “Seven Mexican wolves left.”

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Letter to the editor: Linden monstrosity

Whose bright idea was this fresh new monstrosity on Highway 260 in Linden?!

Of all the gawdawful, expensive, unnecessary and just plain stupid eyesores, this immense highway sign is the worst taxpayer-funded boondoggle I’ve seen since all of the signs on I-40 were replaced with identical signs a few years ago.

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Get your 2016 health insurance now

Are you looking for quality, affordable health insurance for next year? Here’s how you can apply for a 2016 health plan, renew your current plan, or pick a new plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

It’s quick and easy to apply. Just go to Healthcare.gov and you can see a variety of plans available in Arizona. 

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Why did the stories change?

Travis Walton most likely was abducted by space aliens in 1975, but his stories of what happened don’t check out.

At a recent UFO convention marking the 40th anniversary of the event, The Independent paraphrased him as saying he was thrown on an examination table inside the alien craft, passed out, and awoke on a highway near Heber/Overgaard to see a UFO ascending.

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Looting the Treasury

Surprise! Surprise! The Wonderful Wizards of Washington decided to eliminate the federal debt limit. (Just temporarily, of course!) Rather than act like a Congress, they acted like maniacs, throwing to the winds money that they don’t even have.

Already we are paying $40 million =an hour (not a typo!) for interest on the national debt. See, the long discredited “Kenesian Theory” tells them what they want to hear; that the best possible government is that which wastes the most money.

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Our kids need help

White Mountain Clothe a Child is providing 250 children from Navajo and Apache counties with winter clothes.

Our kids are selected by the local schools because they know the children that have the need.

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We’re being robbed

Two weeks ago I was in the Valley and gas was $1.99 per gallon and here on the mountain at that time gas was $2.38. Would you say we are being robbed?


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Selective enforcement or political correctness?

I was reading an article online about people pushing back against the Supreme Court’s ruling that gay marriage is a right. 

It pointed out that those who are against gay marriage are vilified for their religious views but that sanctuary cities that ignore federal law are praised for their courageous stand.

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Let's Do Something! Make technology a high priority

Face it — our town has an uphill battle when we try to attract new commercial  businesses. It’s all about location, location, location, and places like Flagstaff just have more to offer, especially a transportation structure and a bigger population.

So, let’s start fighting a battle we can win, one that plays to our biggest competitive strength: the alluring lifestyle of a “small town in the forest.”

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Wolves need our help

I am writing in response to Walt Moriatry’s letter, Friday, Oct. 30. I appreciated his thoughts regarding the meat industry. He indicates it is an industry that “cages and butchers billions of cows pigs and other feeling animals.” Further, “it is an industry that generates more water pollution than any other human activity and more greenhouse gas than transportation.” Additionally, “the industry threatens our public health with increased use of killer diseases, that creates antibiotic-resistant pathogens by feeding antibiotics to animals.”

It should also be noted that the meat industry has basically declared war on wolves in this country. Locally, the Mexican wolves have had an extremely difficult time. In 1998 there were even Mexican wolves left, a result of the meat industries push to have a bounty on them. 

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It is sin to be a respector of persons

One of the single-most critical points Yahweh Elohim (God) makes with mankind is the fact that He is not a respector of persons (Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11; 1 Samuel 14:14); and, likewise, it is sin for us, mankind, to be respector of persons. James 2:9, Holy Bible.

But what exactly does it mean to be a “respector of persons? Simple: looking at a person’s status to determine a judgment which is applied (instead of the judgment which is suppose to be meted out executed).

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Nightmare at White Mountain Lake

I wanted to add a little to the story for your reading enjoyment. We lived on Lakeview Drive and a few run-ins with the Lake Nazis ourselves.   

We were Jim and Mimi Berger’s neighbors until March 2015. We rented (long term) the house two doors down from them and we also had problems. I am a disabled veteran who was longing for peace and quite and no drama. Wrong neighborhood for this unless you like being harassed, stalked or verbally abused by Roy and Norma Loeffler. 

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We all know domestic violence is a crime but we can’t always count on the punishment

“I’m sure she did something to provoke him. And anyway, it’s a family matter. Why on earth would we call the police?”

Not long ago, that was the most common reaction to domestic violence. The victim was routinely blamed for the beating and the assault wasn’t even viewed as a crime. But one of the few good things to come from the OJ Simpson trial was that it blew the doors off those myths and made people aware that not only was it a crime, it was often a deadly crime.

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Coombs’ letter full of wrong information

We need to respond to Mr. Coombs letter in the Nov. 10 Independent. We do not know Mr. Coombs and have never had any contact with him. His comments are creations of his own mind and have absolutely no basis in fact as to our proximity to the Vernon Fire District, nor the law regarding annexation of our property.

His comments regarding access to our property are just plain wrong — two-wheel drive vehicles come to our property all the time. In fact, a Vernon fire truck came directly to our door with no more than a bit of mud on its’ tires.

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Grateful for hospice care

In honor of National Hospice & Palliative Care Month, Hospice Compassus has asked that this letter be published.

We would like to extend our sincere thank you to these individuals who crossed our lives while either working with or visiting our grandmother.mother Reycita Cosen when she was under hospice care. These individuals left a lasting affect which will always be remembered. We are especially grateful to Michelle Johnson, Kristy Declay and Pastor Chuck.

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Helping with a time-honored tradition

The VFW Post 8987 thanks our Springerville Fire Department for helping to place flags on veterans grave sites in honor of Veterans Day. You folks stepped up to help an aging Post membership to continue an important and time-honored tradition of honoring our fallen comrades.

You may not be VFW members, but we certainly thank you for your service and support.

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