• May 22, 2015

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Fight against corruption

To all the citizens of Navajo County and Maricopa County or for that matter anyone with facts or information leading to facts that can be proven that Navajo County prosecutors/judges/clerks of the court are engaging unlawful acts against people in the community or in the jails/prisons ex-judges/prosecutors/clerks/sheriff office of Navajo County falsifying documents police reports/motions to the court, backstuffing peoples files/back dating dates of people’s records or prosecutors and judges comminicating about defendants cases without defendants attorney’s present.

How to ...

How to prevent a Constitutional Convention from going wild and wrecking our present Constitution: Get your state Legislature to withdraw (rescind) its call for a Convention.

How to prevent submerging the nation in some alleged “Free Trade” super-government: Explain to the Congress people that so-called “free trade” is not free trade at all.

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The Transcendence of Vengeance

It is more than a little dismaying to learn of the death sentence imposed on the Boston bomber.  It is an affirmation of the unflattering manifestation of vengeance, slithering out of its den in our reptilian brain stems,  and by its innate degeneracy,  condemning America in the eyes of the civilized world. Just five nations (China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, USA, Iran) committed 88 percent of all global executions last year.  We are known by the company we keep.

There is no moral or practical justification for our perpetuation of this abysmal conduct. For the most part, this primitive practice endures because of politicians' unconscionable manipulation of public opinion in order to garner votes,  under the rubric of looking tough on crime. This public calamity is largely the child of just a few states. Although 32 states have capital punishment laws most are virtually non-complicit in the actual killings.  Since 1976, there have been 1408 legal killings among the states (includes three federal); however, just three states, Texas, Oklahoma and Virginia have killed more than all the others combined. What is more, 1145 of the 1408 total have occurred in the American south, the cradle of slavery and segregation, where a disproportionate number of state killings are committed against black people.

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Why is the U.S. policing the world?

I am a combat veteran of the Combat and Recon Patrol of the 2nd Battalion, 271st. Reg. of the 69th Infantry Division and was at the Elb River when we met the Russians and ended the war in Europe.

I married at age 22 and fathered six girls and four boys. At the time I had four children, I decided I wanted to be a medical doctor and started college at night school and summer school. I was two months shy of age 29 and the GI Bill was no longer available. I entered the University of Louisville Medical with 90 hours of college and my first year of medical school gave me a degree in science medicine in 1963. I received my doctor of medicine license in Kentucky and Indiana. (So much for background info.)

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First, define ‘hate speech’

“Hate speech” can be twisted to fit anything the person doing to branding wishes to “prove.” Whenever a fool, or a pack of fools, tried to derail the 1st Amendment, beware. What is “protected speech” today can easily become “hate speech” tomorrow.

Marc V. Ridenour, Show Low

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Graduation approaches — have you thanked a teacher for what they do?

The end of the school year is fast approaching and the only ones breathing a sigh of relief are the students and teachers. In the case of graduates they made it through four years; the others because summer is here. And teachers because their work load is at least 50 percent lighter.

There has been a lot of media coverage over the state of education in the past few years, most of it bad.

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New weather station

Thanks to the generosity and foresight of Lakeside Citizens, Mark and Sharon Coble, and their donation, we will soon have a REAL weather station at the Nautre Center.

This thrills me because one of my two majors at UCLA was weather forecasting (meteorology) and I still follow it and love it every day. Mark and Judy? If there is a piece of equipment that still needs to be aquired, just email me and I will respond, if it is within my budget.

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Paying tribute to those who serve

Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May. It is a day to pay tribute to men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.

There is a whole week dedicated to our Armed Forces. Those honored are Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. The National Guard and the Reserves can celebrate any period in May because of their unique training schedules.

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Vote yes on Prop. 401

I have voted yes on the Pinetop-Lakeside Town General Plan, Prop. 401. I participated in some of the surveys, attended Town Council meetings where the proposed General Plan was presented and discussed and was present on Jan. 15 when our Town Council voted 4-2 to accept the draft plan and present it to the voters.

I clearly recall the mayor stating at that meeting that a great deal of work went into revising the 2001 and 2011 plans and that what the committee came up with is a good General Plan for the Town of Pinetop-Lakeside.

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Open letter to Sen. Jeff Flake

Dear Sen. Flake,

First let me thank you for your vote last year supporting our Second Amendment rights. It was greatly appreciated by those of us who love all of our freedoms.

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Not looking after hard-working Americans, retirees

I am an American-Korean vet. Worked hard all my life, played by the rules. I have written to some of the major newspapers all over the United States of America. Thought I would try the local or maybe call the hometown paper.

I understand there are a few retirees who live up in this part of the country. I have also studied politicians for years. When elections come up I look for folks who are going to represent those hard-working Americans and retirees.

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Small towns get no props

These days, living and growing up in a small town gets no props. So many times you see in movies or read in books about the proverbial yearning to leave that small town you grew up in to go out and discover the world.  “I gotta get out of this place before I lose my mind,” you say.

This is, of course, your right of passage, but hey, let us give a little credit to the small towns. Yes, everybody does know your name and probably more about your personal business than you’d want them to. And if you’re a star athlete for the local high school, you might be made a hero and have your 15 minutes of fame and then 20 years of talking about your glory days.

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Deceiving the voters to win votes

In the May 6 Friday edition of the WMI, a letter to the editor was published by Leslie Wessel, Pinetop-Lakeside councilwoman. Wessel gave a long list of reasons why P-L voters should vote in favor of the 2015 General Plan. The post also appeared in the online edition of the WMI (but was quickly removed after the misinformation within her letter was pointed out).

Much like the trail attorney who intentionally presents points they know will be inadmissible, (but a jury will hear, nonetheless), Wessel’s letter was filled with inaccuracies, hoping the uninformed voter would believe her points.

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Creation or evolution?

One of the most debated topics in history is weather the universe was created by an intelligent designer or came from a big bang billions of years ago. Whichever side of the fence one is on, this will continue to be a subject that divide believers and non-believers.

The one that confuses me is the Young Earthers. They believe the earth and universe are less than 10,000 years old. They follow the teachings of Bishop James Ussher(1581-1656) that creation happened on Oct. 23, 4004 BC.

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Response to Humphrey, Muzar

I have been a part-time resident of Show Low for many years, who has followed this and other WMI letters to the editor, especially the letters written by Mike Mazur and Mike Humphrey. I respond directly to them with:

James 3:6 Taming the Tongue

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What new unemployment figures aren’t telling you

Wall Street started out rocky on the first week of May. By Friday, May 8, the Dow had skyrocketed 250 points to finish at 18,188.78 because of the positive jobs report. This was its biggest gain in three months. According to the Wall Street Article on Monday morning, investors like Michael Antonelli, an equity sales trader at Robert W. Baird said, “People are still digesting the job report.”

I began analyzing and conducting statistical data on Friday to find out what the jobs report truly meant, so let me tell you my view to what’s really behind these new figures and what equity traders are figuring out Monday morning.

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Old West sheriff ... Or 19th century Superman?

Quite possibly Superman existed back during the 1800s, that is if Superman has the ability to dodge bullets and pull off unbelievable feats.

In the spring of 1871 a Mexican bandito named Juan Soto, had killed two people while robbing a general store in Alameda County.  

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Stockholm Syndrome personified

The entire world can now view an unending series of online snuff films, in which young unarmed males posing no threat to the safety of well-armed, Kevlar-clad members of American law enforcement, are executed with extreme prejudice. Therefore, it becomes somewhat relevant to ask why President Obama and the Department of Justice hesitate in ending such brutality.

Commentary offered by those floating “Slip and Capture” excuses for the elderly, and insufficiently-trained Tulsa volunteer who blew a hole in Eric Harris while he lay on the pavement, highlight the fact that Mr. Harris probably sold an illegal weapon prior to his arrest. Even if true, a certain standard of professional conduct should be expected from those within the justice system; the same voices who tend to claim a preordained right to the moral high ground whenever their abuses are exposed on video.

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What happened ‘for the good of the children’?

What happened “for the good of the children”? It seems like the Vernon School Board has forgotten those words!

It is sad and disgusting what is going on! We had an agreeable board for 6+ years. What happened?

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Did I do the right thing?

I am writing this from what at times seems like the outermost circle of hell, to quote Dante: an extended-health-care facility, following the ordeal of undergoing total knee replacement surgery April 2. It is now May 2, and I have been here for almost one whole month.

Did I do the right thing, to have knee-replacement surgery? I wonder.

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No on 401

A substantial number of citizens who responded to the Town of Pinetop-Lakeside surveys love our small-town flavor and natural environment so much they told the council to grow the town “gradual, and limited.” But certain councilman and councilwomen think they know better than the people and voted to ignore the public will.

As I read through the proposed plan, it sounds more like a plan for developers rather than for citizens since it encourages growth and development. Since the Town promised the citizens that if they filled out the surveys, the Town in turn would use those surveys to create the new plan, I expect them to make good on their promise.

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