• March 3, 2015

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The answer is right in front of your noses

Having just read the letter to the editor of Feb. 24, which was accepted and signed by all school administrators, I sit here amazed. These are the educated, informed (in charge) folks of our schools.

Fortunes came and went in the Old West

During the Old West fortunes came and went. Probably there is no better illustration of the gains and losses than the story of Horace Tabor and his wife “Baby” Doe.

On March 1, 1883, Elizabeth Doe, later known to the Colorado miners as “Baby” Doe, and Horace Tabor got married. Baby Doe wore a $7,000 gown. Her wedding gift from her husband was a $75,000 diamond necklace.

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The more things you own, the more they own you

Tiny houses and a huge yard sale are the order of the day, for me.

Spring cleaning is just around the corner. Even though the groundhog saw his shadow, and even if we are destined to experience six more weeks of inclement weather, spring is still close at hand.

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Get rid of bad apples

I recently read that as much as 10 percent of police officers are bad. I don’t know if this figure is correct or not, but it makes you pause and think.

How many police officers nationwide are there? I have read about officers who have lost their jobs due to their actions and that they have cost the community a great deal of money to settle lawsuits, only to be rehired because of pressure from the police union.

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The Muslim mole

Prior to the National Day of Prayer people had doubts of Obama’s affiliation, some anyway, but afterwards there’s no doubt because Obama is a shia Muslim. Obama’s campaign speech was revisionistic history of Christianity.

However, Mafti Obama conveniently never mentioned the historic and continuing atrocities perpetuated by Muhammad and Islam. The week of the prayer breakfast Obama’s state department hosted the granddaddy of all terrorist groups, the Muslim brotherhood that gave birth to Hamas, Hezbolla, Boko Haram, Taliban, al Qaida, etc., the public was kept in the dark as to its purpose.

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Not willing to give up the TV remote control

In “Gulliver’s Travels,” author Swift amuses with his recounting of the king whose chair was too close to the fire, but who could not move because any physical exertion was beneath his dignity. When no servants arrived to detrain him from his extremity, the king sat unperturbed until his royal personage was toasted beyond recovery.

In a recent survey, Americans were asked if they would be willing to end global warming but at the cost of giving up their TV remote controllers. About a third said no and another third equivocated. In short, they are willing to sit unperturbed while their planetary personages are toasted beyond recovery.

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Survive on fish from local lakes?

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. That is, after he spends a few hundred bucks on a graphite rod, no-backlash reel, a tackle box, waders, Gore-tex hat and an array of lures, hooks and so on; not to mention boat, trailer, motor, fish finder.

But survive on the provender of Rainbow Lake or Woodland Lake? Not unless you have a great recipe for carp. There is a possibility of getting enough out of Big Lake, but not even the most expensive GPS in the world will find that body of water anywhere on the Apache Reservation.

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Have you considered... What can we do about government wasteful spending?

The answer is … probably nothing. If you haven’t been totally appalled at the previous two editorials in this wasteful spending series, then pay attention to the following numbers.

According to the U.S. National Debt Clock, the current debt is at $18.2 trillion. The budget deficit, which is the total amount spent by the government minus the total amount of revenue collected by the IRS is $477.9 billion. The real total U.S. debt, which includes the federal government, financial institutions, all state and local governments and household and business debt is $59.2 trillion.

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We would be speaking Arabic

The fraud that is Barack Obama was never more evident than when he compared the Crusaders defense of Europe and the Holy Land to the terrorist tactics of the Islamist State. Giuliani displayed his ignorance by claiming the defenders of Christian Europe were as barbaric as the Islamist. Glenn Beck proclaims the crusades were evil.

Let me tell you, Glenn, had Pope Urban II in 1096 not called for Christian Europe to unite against the Mohammedans you would be delivering your radio show in Arabic.

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The war on science

When I saw the cover of the March 2015 National Geographic, I could hardly wait to read the article about “The War On Science.”

How desperately disappointed I was to find that the Geographic had slipped (just this once!) from the world’s finest easy-reading science monthly down to the level of a supermarket tabloid.

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Yard sale rules

With the arrival of warmer weather comes that ever-entertaining pastime, yard saling. As a buyer, I have some suggestions to make everyone’s experience more pleasant:

1) Make your signs large enough, dark enough and placed high enough for motorists to actually read them.

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More power for TSA?

The TSA wants more powers! That statement is enough to send shivers down just about anyone’s back! Online (yes, I do read news for other sources than newspapers) it was reported the TSA wants more power and a sort of internal passport linked to the “real ID” a feature many states have on their drivers license.

If they get their way you may not be able to fly domestically without having to give up more personal information such as your SS number. It used to state on your SS card “For Social Security and tax purposes-not for identification.” Not so anymore!

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Poker Alice ... A lady and a gambler

During the Old West women gamblers were tolerated as a local oddity … That is all of them, except for Alice Ivers.

Born in England, Alice Ivers was educated in a female seminary. She came to the United States and eventually settled down in Colorado where she married Frank Duffield, a mining engineer.

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Why are citizens being gouged?

As of today the price of oil continues to go down, but all gas stations in Show Low have raised the price by 15-cents over the last two weeks. Why are the citizen’s being gouged?

Frank McCarty, Show Low

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Plan deserves your support

Later this year, voters will be given the opportunity to vote on a new general plan for Pinetop-Lakeside. It is a good plan and deserves your support.

First of all, everyone should understand that a NO-vote on the new plan will have the effect of leaving the old 2001 plan in effect. The 15-year-old plan has not served our community well and needs to be seriously updated. As one example, in the old plan several single-family neighborhoods in the community were shown on the future land use map as medium density residential. Under the new plan, those neighborhoods will stay single family. A yes-vote will close the door on developing apartment houses next to our single family homes in those areas.

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Promises made just to get elected?

The winning candidates for the Vernon Fire Board, Miketta and Miller, and the winning candidates for the Vernon School Board, all had one thing in common in their platforms for the election. They all promised to foster open communication and participation between the public and the board.

Has this happened or are they all akin to other politicians who make promises just to get elected?

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Governor’s budget shortchanges classrooms

To the members of the Arizona State Senate, House of Representatives and the people they serve:

As public school leaders throughout Arizona, we are deeply concerned with the Executive Budget Proposal put forth by Gov. Ducey. For the past six years, in order to balance the state budget, the majority of Arizona’s classrooms have been shortchanged by the actions of our elected officials. During this time, classroom teachers, principals and district leaders have been burdened with ever increasing requirements that further erode the instructional time and direct services available to our classrooms. To this end, we ask you to adopt a budget that does not cut funding to K-12 district schools.

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Avoid radioactive fish, go to local lakes

Recent investigations of fish caught in the Pacific Ocean (including California’s coast) have shown that they all contain high levels of radioactivity due to the seepage of water from Japan’s Fukishima Nuclear Leaks during the past several years. In fact, the radioactivity level is high enough to provoke cancer in people that eat these fish.

The obvious conclusion is for us to avoid eating such fish.

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Part 2: Wasteful government spending within the nation

In the first of this three-part series, I examined the amount of wasteful government spending in foreign countries, over and above foreign aid. In Part 2, I look at wasteful spending in this country. The list is so long that not all of it can be listed here, so the most egregious and most ridiculous will be highlighted.

— $2 billion to farmers not to farm their land

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Protect trees, the reason people visit the White Mountains

You’ll look far and wide to find a more ardent supporter of private property rights than I am. I also believe in not cutting off your nose to spite your face. And every town in this county and the county itself is just bound and determined to find the most destructive way possible to allow development.

Look no further than that abomination of a U-Haul site in Lakeside. The massive soil remediation (or whatever excuse they used to mow down every tree from the lot line in) destroyed trees that were on the fringes and could have been spared to add a little grace to a deplorable eyesore.

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Another legend has died

I would love to express my deep admiration for the Kinney family. They are one strong family. I am sorry I was not there to support them the way they support us during our loss. I reside in Farmington, N.M.

I love to see the love and support they have for each other. I thank them for being so strong, spiritual, loving ... There are not enough words to describe the Kinney family. Another legend has died from us.

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