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Have you considered... Why have they been lying about the Fukushima disaster?

Posted: Sunday, August 25, 2013 5:00 am | Updated: 11:27 am, Sun Aug 25, 2013.

Recent news articles have come out everywhere about the fact that Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has been covering up the amount of damage and radiation spewing out of the Fukushima nuclear power plant that was all but destroyed in the March 2011 earthquake and resulting tsunami.

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  • wes alderson posted at 8:56 pm on Fri, Aug 23, 2013.

    wes alderson Posts: 9935

    Several of us know exactly why "THEY" are covering it up. Karen Warnick is right about most of the comments she makes in her article. The one excelption is that she stresses the "toxicity" of Plutonium (PU-239.) The probem is not the toxitiy of this element - instead it is the fact that the more Plutonium you place in close proximity, the high the level of neutron emission (and other radioactivity) that is dangerous, causes mutations in human and other cells, and at highest level causes a chain reaction leading to a nuclear bomb.

    The trouble is that we must use PU239 to produce the heat-generated electricity in a reactor.

    Many of us knew from Day One of the Plant Failure, that leakage was inevitable, and that much of the Pacific Ocean would be filled with radioactive wastes. The reason Japan did not fess up is that their seafood industry depends on Pacfic fish.

    Last year, monitors in California detected the presense all the way into the LA Shores, of the nuclear refuse from Japan. It was in the news but nobody worried. One of my non-scientist friends said, "Don't worry. God will take care of it." (Frankly I believe with the Pastor side of my soul that God lets us suffer the punisment that comes as the result of our own stupied acts.)

    Many of my friends have given up Pacific Sea Food. Ultimately, the entire Earth's oceans will carry the remnents of this incident, and other incidents that may follow.

    Karen asks the quetions as to why more aggressive action is not being taken. The answer is, there is no safe way to retrieve PU239 rods without dumping a load of highly radioactive waste into the sea - more than they have already done.

    And of course, this is being kept quiet because of pressure from the sea food industries. Cancer rates have already soared.

    This is the sort of cross roads in our civilization where we need to put our thinking caps on. We are running out of oil. We need new forms of energy. This probably includes Nuclear Energy, but only if we take adequate safeguards.

  • che guevara posted at 11:45 pm on Fri, Aug 23, 2013.

    che guevara Posts: 1174

    The primary reason why Fukushima has been under reported and deliberately played-down in the mainstream media is because of the shear catastrophic proportions of this disaster . Fukushima has the very real potential of being an absolute game changer for not only the entire Pacific Ocean and the Pacific Rim , but over time it will have an effect on every ecosystem on the planet . Humanity is swimming in uncharted waters and widespread panic would be inevitable if the truth were to be fully revealed ( as is the case with so many things going on around us ) . When coupled with the equally down-played British Petroleum Gulf of Mexico disaster , it seems as if we are being attacked by our technological " progress " on two of our three seaboards . I stopped buying Gulf shrimp and now it looks as if I will stop buying Pacific salmon and fish . The nuclear genie has long been out of the bottle and the Faustian deal that mankind has made with this technology may well prove to be our demise . It find it ironic that Japan was the first nation to experience the horrors of the Atomic Age at Hiroshima and Nagasaki , and is now at the epicenter of the world's worst nuclear disaster . This is especially sad as Japanese culture has always been centered around the seas of it's archipelago . This may spell the end of a great culture and an industrious people , or perhaps the Japanese will again rise from the ruins . Many years ago the famous Japanese film-maker Akira Kurosawa made a film titled ; Mount Fuji in Red . This then- fictional film shows Japan in the aftermath of a nuclear power plant catastrophe and of it's effect on the people of Japan and of the creatures in Japan's beloved seas . This film can still , I believe , be accessed on You Tube for those who are so inclined . Episodes such as this make me seriously wonder if mankind is worthy of his status as stewards over the planet earth .

  • Sculptorshaw posted at 1:02 am on Sat, Aug 24, 2013.

    Sculptorshaw Posts: 1

    Don't stop with TEPCO, all the governments and virtually all media have been covering this up, with the Washington Post going to absurd extremes to not mention Fukushima Daiichi. If you want to dig the news is out there but it shouldn't have to be this hard to stay informed.

  • Charos posted at 8:18 pm on Sun, Aug 25, 2013.

    Charos Posts: 905

    Japan could care less. They're used to radiation. And the sea creatures? Screw them, Japan says.


  • wes alderson posted at 10:15 pm on Sun, Aug 25, 2013.

    wes alderson Posts: 9935

    Charos, come on!

    I detest the melt-down as much as anybody elsle. But we can't lay this one on Japan's attitude any more than we can lay Hiroshima and Nagasake on FDR and Truman.

    Don't forget we had Three Mile Island, and Russia had Chrerboible.

    We need Nuclear Power for our electricity supplies, but it comes with a risk. Are we willing to return to living in caves in order to prevent thse sorts of disasters? Tell me - I'm not sure.

    -Pastor Wesley.

  • ACIPRA posted at 3:34 am on Mon, Aug 26, 2013.

    ACIPRA Posts: 1079

    Really NO I do not!
    I worry more about the APACHE County disaster that is ongoing and continuing. It is affecting the lifes of all who live in the area. Spreading it's toxic goo everywhere. It is a natural disaster that was allowed to happen by those watching it grow.
    US! WE THE PEOPLE have allowed the toxic Apache County goo to exist and it must be stopped[wink][wink]

  • RayaEarth posted at 11:13 am on Mon, Aug 26, 2013.

    RayaEarth Posts: 2

    As all is connected ... Japan are not exactly lying about Fukishima ... they are just being LOYAL to USA and their nuclear power stations ... about 32 of them ... like Fukushima they have been designed and built and tested on the same principle/s ... so all of them are a potential Fukushima ... therefore MUST be shut down ... 1) all the engineering stuff men ... have no idea how to deal with this problem ... 2) the nuclear industry shall lose trillions of currencies ... probably beyond calculation ... This is the Truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth ....

  • RayaEarth posted at 11:20 am on Mon, Aug 26, 2013.

    RayaEarth Posts: 2

    [love] It's the future ... new/ancient Solar-Light techs have been designed by ignored scientists ... these MUST be brought to Public attention and implemented to start produce pure, almost free energy for the whole of humanity ... and the planet Earth shall be preserved ... better sooner than later!

  • TN4994 posted at 11:53 am on Mon, Aug 26, 2013.

    TN4994 Posts: 3002

    wes: One should point out that toxic waste dumps (nuclear, chemical, et al.) are not in the neighborhoods of the rich and famous.

  • wes alderson posted at 12:57 pm on Mon, Aug 26, 2013.

    wes alderson Posts: 9935

    RayaEarth, Welcome. What you say is accurate up to a point, but it is not the "Whole Truth."

    You see, these sorts of reactors are built with several safeguards in case a reactor loses control by its handlers. There are containment vessels to catch the intensely radioactive Plutonium and the smaller amounts of materials that are created by fusion and fission reactions. For example, Carbon 14 and Iodine.

    The worst nightmare of the entire industry was that large amounts of plutonium might get out of control, melt down, and drain into the subeterrianian water tables or the oceans. Thereofore, huge concrete slabs and hi-temp temperature metals are put under each Plutonim area to catch any melt down.

    But there, the underlayers were cracked widely by the quake. and the plutonium did get out of control, and it is constantly being flooded with ocean water that gush in, het heated up to steam pressure and jetted out the sea. It is not totally clear yet, as to weather the plutonium instelf has melted out of the chamber which held it.

    To shut the reactor down, is not merely a flip of a switch, not is it to stop the electric output (whcih have been done..) It would be to remove and scatter the plutonium somewhere a good distance away from itself so that does not constantly react with self neutron bombardment and super-heat.

    An person who volunteers to do this, is literally committing suicide.

  • ronzim posted at 2:12 pm on Wed, Aug 28, 2013.

    ronzim Posts: 3925

    Wes has this right. Every energy source has risks associated with it. So, the question becomes one of relative risks. Consider:
    Heart disease=2200days
    Being unmarried=2000days
    Coal mining=1100days
    30# overweight=900days
    MV crashes=150days
    Air pollution=80days
    Fires and burns=27days
    Dam failures=1day
    All U.S. elecricity-nuclear=0.04days
    All U.S. electricity-nuclear(accidents)=0.012

    Nearly all of these apply to the entire U.S. population. As you can see, a few apply only to those exposed.

    The risk to the average American of a very large nuclear generating program in the U.S. is equivalent to the risk of a regular smoker smoking one additional cigarette every 15 years; increasing a speed limit from 55mph to 55.006mph; an overwieght person increasing his weight by 0.012 ounces.

    Source: Professor Bernard L Cohen, Independent University Researcher

  • wes alderson posted at 4:51 pm on Wed, Aug 28, 2013.

    wes alderson Posts: 9935

    Thank you, Ron. In a larger sense it is weird that what you and i are akcnowledging is the fact that there are many deadly hazards we must undure in order to stay alive. Life is a death-defying feat.

    In some of my fiction writing I wonder whether human beings were happier living the simple life back in the centuries when there were only about a million of us with bows and arrows,, compared to now, when we are so hugely over-populated and aiming for even more . . . . with horribler weapons.

    I seems it would have been less frightening to worry about wolves and snakes that about a nuke strike in the middle of the night, or even being layed off from work because the tech market is down.

    These feel like strange thoughts for me, a scientist.

    -Pastor Wesley.

  • TN4994 posted at 10:55 am on Thu, Aug 29, 2013.

    TN4994 Posts: 3002

    Ron: Do you have a stat on war, stress, and the death sentance?

  • wes alderson posted at 11:53 am on Thu, Aug 29, 2013.

    wes alderson Posts: 9935

    Shoooot, TN,

    We all keep making Ron work too hard to provide the rest of us with our statistics.

    It would be lots easier to make up the statistics to prove our points, like William D does.

  • ronzim posted at 1:08 pm on Thu, Aug 29, 2013.

    ronzim Posts: 3925

    TN: Yes I do! I am 99.5748% opposed to them.

    Wes: I would say that life is a death DELAYING feat.

    I would like to suggest that what we are faced with is striking a balance between a tiny probability that human damage will occur, sometime in the future, due to nuclear power generation and the present, every-day occurrence of massive human damage due to burning carbon fuels.

    Recently we saw a tragedy in Indonesia involving a building collpase with attendent loss of life and human suffering. No one seems to be suggesting that we stop constructing buildings because a building collapsed due to shoddy construction and inferior materials. The Fukushima facility was poorly done and very badly located. Our old plants should indeed be replaced - not just closed - with modern facilities built to the highest standards and located in optimum areas. We have learned a few things in the past 50 years.


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