• November 25, 2015

White Mountain Independent

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Letters To Editor

Linden monstrosity

Whose bright idea was this fresh new monstrosity on Highway 260 in Linden?!

Of all the gawdawful, expensive, unnecessary and just plain stupid eyesores, this immense highway sign is the worst taxpayer-funded boondoggle I’ve seen since all of the signs on I-40 were replaced with identical signs a few years ago.

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Why did the stories change?

Travis Walton most likely was abducted by space aliens in 1975, but his stories of what happened don’t check out.

At a recent UFO convention marking the 40th anniversary of the event, The Independent paraphrased him as saying he was thrown on an examination table inside the alien craft, passed out, and awoke on a highway near Heber/Overgaard to see a UFO ascending.

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Looting the Treasury

Surprise! Surprise! The Wonderful Wizards of Washington decided to eliminate the federal debt limit. (Just temporarily, of course!) Rather than act like a Congress, they acted like maniacs, throwing to the winds money that they don’t even have.

Already we are paying $40 million =an hour (not a typo!) for interest on the national debt. See, the long discredited “Kenesian Theory” tells them what they want to hear; that the best possible government is that which wastes the most money.

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Our kids need help

White Mountain Clothe a Child is providing 250 children from Navajo and Apache counties with winter clothes.

Our kids are selected by the local schools because they know the children that have the need.

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We’re being robbed

Two weeks ago I was in the Valley and gas was $1.99 per gallon and here on the mountain at that time gas was $2.38. Would you say we are being robbed?


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Selective enforcement or political correctness?

I was reading an article online about people pushing back against the Supreme Court’s ruling that gay marriage is a right. 

It pointed out that those who are against gay marriage are vilified for their religious views but that sanctuary cities that ignore federal law are praised for their courageous stand.

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Wolves need our help

I am writing in response to Walt Moriatry’s letter, Friday, Oct. 30. I appreciated his thoughts regarding the meat industry. He indicates it is an industry that “cages and butchers billions of cows pigs and other feeling animals.” Further, “it is an industry that generates more water pollution than any other human activity and more greenhouse gas than transportation.” Additionally, “the industry threatens our public health with increased use of killer diseases, that creates antibiotic-resistant pathogens by feeding antibiotics to animals.”

It should also be noted that the meat industry has basically declared war on wolves in this country. Locally, the Mexican wolves have had an extremely difficult time. In 1998 there were even Mexican wolves left, a result of the meat industries push to have a bounty on them. 

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It is sin to be a respector of persons

One of the single-most critical points Yahweh Elohim (God) makes with mankind is the fact that He is not a respector of persons (Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11; 1 Samuel 14:14); and, likewise, it is sin for us, mankind, to be respector of persons. James 2:9, Holy Bible.

But what exactly does it mean to be a “respector of persons? Simple: looking at a person’s status to determine a judgment which is applied (instead of the judgment which is suppose to be meted out executed).

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Nightmare at White Mountain Lake

I wanted to add a little to the story for your reading enjoyment. We lived on Lakeview Drive and a few run-ins with the Lake Nazis ourselves.   

We were Jim and Mimi Berger’s neighbors until March 2015. We rented (long term) the house two doors down from them and we also had problems. I am a disabled veteran who was longing for peace and quite and no drama. Wrong neighborhood for this unless you like being harassed, stalked or verbally abused by Roy and Norma Loeffler. 

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Coombs’ letter full of wrong information

We need to respond to Mr. Coombs letter in the Nov. 10 Independent. We do not know Mr. Coombs and have never had any contact with him. His comments are creations of his own mind and have absolutely no basis in fact as to our proximity to the Vernon Fire District, nor the law regarding annexation of our property.

His comments regarding access to our property are just plain wrong — two-wheel drive vehicles come to our property all the time. In fact, a Vernon fire truck came directly to our door with no more than a bit of mud on its’ tires.

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Grateful for hospice care

In honor of National Hospice & Palliative Care Month, Hospice Compassus has asked that this letter be published.

We would like to extend our sincere thank you to these individuals who crossed our lives while either working with or visiting our grandmother.mother Reycita Cosen when she was under hospice care. These individuals left a lasting affect which will always be remembered. We are especially grateful to Michelle Johnson, Kristy Declay and Pastor Chuck.

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Helping with a time-honored tradition

The VFW Post 8987 thanks our Springerville Fire Department for helping to place flags on veterans grave sites in honor of Veterans Day. You folks stepped up to help an aging Post membership to continue an important and time-honored tradition of honoring our fallen comrades.

You may not be VFW members, but we certainly thank you for your service and support.

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Thanks for community support on Veterans Day

The members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8987 Eagar wish to thank the R.V. Chamber of Commerce, the Headstart staff and the American Legion Post 30 of Springerville for making Veterans Day 2015 an especially memorable day at our VFW Post.

Your collective efforts brought our community together in support of our veterans and in support of each other in what I believe is an unprecedented event in Round Valley.

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Interesting mix of folks who comment

It is interesting to read this newspaper’s editorials. It’s enlightening to see how readers react and offer commentary in the form of their own posts which follow the letters. They are a mix of folks who agree, disagree, offer new insight, or simply “spout off” about things they feel strongly about.

We’ve had folks who disagree with college professors, U.S. Senators, and CEO, and commence to offer their own opinion.

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Hospice provides care, comfort to patients and families

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month and while most people avoid talking about this subject, I would like to encourage families to discuss their options early — before decisions need to be made.

Hospice is an additional layer of support for patients facing end-of-life illnesses and their families. National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization research has found that eight out of 10 Americans want to be cared for in their homes if facing a life-limiting illness.

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Pay up or be fired

How did it ever get into federal law that unions in certain states can force certain workers to pay “dues” or “fees” in order to get a job or keep it?

Does it say in the Constitution that unions are authorized to do that?

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Look inward, Mr. Trump

Do you know why your poll numbers are dropping? It’s because you’re acting like a jackass. A bully in the worst way. Would you want your sons or daughter to act like this?

You have a become demeaning man who shows no respect for anyone. Would you be able to negotiate or merely bully until you got your way?

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Goodbye to a wonderful slice of heaven

To WMI readers and local residents, it is with regret that I’ve moved from your wonderful slice of heaven permanently. I shall always treasure my four years living in your mountain paradise.

Please realize how blessed you are to be able to reside in the most scenic area in the state. While every region has its challenges, your fortitude, strength, determination and resilience shall enable you all to persevere and prosper.

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Thanks to four-legged companion, I keep going

There has been times where I just wanted to say goodbye, because of the behavior inflicted on the way some people act toward others. But if it wasn’t for my four-legged companion, which has the sweetest disposition and accepts everyone for who they are.

Linda Parrish,

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A good joke

I love getting jokes. A good joke has a truth in it that almost anyone can see. The best point out hypocrisy.

Today I got one from a friend which stated that Nixon erased 18 minutes of tape and was forced to resign from office. Hillary deleted 30,000 emails and is running for president. Got to love it.

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Find out charges before signing plea deals

I am writing this letter to hopefully help anyone who maybe going through the legal system for the first time and don’t really belong there like I didn’t. I was just in the wrong car at the wrong time.

Well, after going to court several times and through three different lawyers and due to having very poor health and seizures, I learned the hard way not to let anyone threaten that they will add extra felony failure to appear charges and send me to prison if I didn’t just sign the plea agreement.

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Show Low Police 11/13/15

• Oct. 21 — Police arrested Frank Rodriguez, 51, of Eagar, on a warrant out of Springerville for a narcotic drug violation that came with a $1,650 bond.

• Oct. 22 — Police arrested Randolph Curley, 33, of Tonalea, charged with aggravated driving with a suspended license, DUI to the slightest degree, DUI with a BrAC greater than the legal state limit of 0.08, DUI with a BrAC greater than 0.15, and DUI with a BrAC at or greater than 0.20. Police said Curley was found passed out in the middle of a parking lot behind the wheel of his running car while exhibiting impairment and having an average BrAC of 0.239.

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Thanks from Booster Club

To our White Mountain community,

Thank you for your awesome support of our recent second annual Show Low Baseball Booster Club Golf Tournament.

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So what is really going on?

Why did Chief Dave Niehuis bring before the Vernon Fire District Board the annexation of property belonging to Linda Gilbertson and Seth Nadel?  This property is about 1.5 miles from the border of the Vernon Fire District. You have to travel on non-maintained roads to get to this property.

The property is not eligible to be annexed to the district under ARS 48-262(I). If this were to happen you would have a very small island of (district) land located about 1.5 miles outside the boundary of the Vernon Fire District? 

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11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month

The official end to World War I (The Great War) was on June 28, 1919, when the armistice with Germany went into effect. The armistice was seven months earlier on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.

The war was regarded as the end of “the war to end all wars.”

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Proposals to Mr. Snitzer

I just read Jim Snitzer’s article along with his recycling proposals for the Town of Pinetop-Lakeside. I too have a proposal to pass along to Mr. Snitzer given his involvement and current position as “site improvements director” for the White Mountain Nature Center.

I recommend that the recycle containers be set on the White Mountain Nature Center’s parking lot. An aerial view of the facility shows it to be a perfect answer as to where to set recycle container. If there are any proceeds to receive from the recycle items, as you mentioned in your article, then let the WMNC benefit from such funds. 

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Universities need help too

Most people are concerned about our public schools being properly funded and there is much ado about it at this time. Maybe there will be a lawsuit, maybe the Legislature will have a special session to address it or maybe the governor has a plan that will change things.

While a lot of attention is being given to the K-12 funding, very little is being discussed about restoring some of the funds that were slashed in the last state budget.

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Homelessness affects everyone

I thought I needed to clarify some of the things regarding the White Mountain Coalition Against Homelessness. In the Oct. 23 edition of The Independent, there was an article that we had hoped would clarify the previous article regarding our homeless coalition and our proposed shelter. Sadly it did not do so.

First of all, the old TLC building was never a consideration for our local shelter location. Tom Brown of Christian Community Outreach had mentioned this building as a possible site for shelter when he had originally done research for properties as he prepared a business plan for a shelter project regarding homelessness. That business plan was completed long before the White Mountain Coalition Against Homelessness was formed.

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Seeking seat on fire board

In my opinion, items that are on the agenda for the Oct. 27, Vernon Fire District Board meeting and items not included are clear violations of the bylaws that were just enacted by the board and possible state law.

I believe that VFD must follow state law, the VFD governing documents, preserve the rights of the individuals within the district and follow proper financial standards. 

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Attempt to hide what actually happens?

Open letter to Vernon Fire District Chairman Tony Anderson, 

During the last VFD Board meeting you said the following during the Chair’s Summary: “You will notice the approval of the meeting minutes is no longer on the agenda. The law does not require the minutes to be approved. Since some members are not content with the amount of effort required by staff to provide detailed minutes, this item will be deleted from the agenda.” 

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