• May 27, 2016

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Letters To Editor

Remembering the men and women who died for our country

Memorial Day is a day to remember our military men and women who died while serving our country. We have recently included honoring those who served and still serve our country to protect our freedoms we enjoy today.

Please remember to thank our current military as well as our veterans for their service. Without them we would not enjoy the freedoms we enjoy today.

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Dangerous life of a police officer

Did you ever consider how difficult, dangerous and frightening a police officer’s daily life is?

It’s so easy to know what they should have done after each crisis is over. With the overwhelming and growing number of fire arms in public possession and the Arizona Laws promoting ever more, how can an officer not feel threatened every time he answers a call?

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A terrible imaginary future

Let us imagine that we fall for the appeal to get up a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution. The same evil people who have been violating the Constitution all along will make sure that the convention will be packed with their cronies. They will stipulate that the ratification be by conventions, too — packed conventions. Not good.

Let us imagine that we continue making treaties with the United Nations, until America is a mere province of the World Government. Will the UN respect our Constitution? Not hardly. Goodbye liberty.

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Bataan Death March, preventing wildfires

I recommend this story (Bataan Death March: Honoring fallen Pinedale soldier, May 17) be required reading in every history class in Arizona, because it gives a true picture of the nature of the Japanese we were fighting in the Pacific Theater in World War II.

We know a great deal more about the Nazis than we do about the Japanese. It should also serve as a reminder that any people can become like this if they indulge in too much hatred.

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Thanks for supporting Special Olympic athletes

The 10th Annual Blue Ridge Games were held on April 21.

This event provides an on-campus track and field event for the Special Olympic athletes to partner with their high school peers.

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Childhood abuse through the looking glass

Childhood trauma isn’t something you just get over as you grow up. The repeated stress of abuse and neglect has real, tangible effects on child development. (Dr. N Burke)

Abuse and neglect are the silent destroyers of childhood, similar to high blood pressure as the silent killer of adults. 

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Babeau will work around the clock

Like many Americans, I am sick and tired of the ineffectiveness of the career politicians in Washington, D.C. This election season, we have the chance to send Sheriff Paul Babeu to Congress to represent and fight for us.

As a longtime Pinal County resident, my family’s farm has dealt with problems of drug and human smuggling because of an unsecured Arizona/Mexico border. I met the sheriff at a Tea Party Rally in Pacana Park in Maricopa and shared my concerns. Paul Babeu has earned my trust because he’s done everything he’s promised to do when he first ran for sheriff. 

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First-rate experience in Pinetop-Lakeside

Dear Masses of Kind Folks,

It has been brought to my attention that the people of the White Mountains are sincere and diligent in their efforts to truly establish a beautiful place to call home. This mountain has proved in its feel and simplicity to be the ever enticing place to call a forever home for my family and hopefully for many others out there seeking one. 

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Bus stop at Camp Town

The Show Low bus runs non-stop past Camp Town in Show Low on a regular run. Why not stop at Camp Town to pick up passengers?

True, the bus will stop for a price: regular fare of 50-cents plus an additional fee of $5.

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Sen. Allen’s absurd explanation

Our state Sen. Sylvia Allen offered an absurd explanation of why she voted to deny health-care coverage for 30,000 children of low-income Arizona families who cannot afford to buy insurance.

First, she states that KidsCare is not free. Correct. We have already paid for KidsCare by way of our federal taxes. The money for it is already in the federal budget, and it would deliver $75 million in economic benefits to Arizona next year. If we do not use it for our children, other states will use our payments for their children. 

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Let’s make Vernon great again

The people of Vernon have spoken regardless of the rejection of signatures by the county on the recall of Kathy Hoogerworth from the Vernon School Board and Dorothy O’Donnell and Steve Miller from the Vernon Fire Department Board. 

Over 200 citizens signed the school board recall and 160 signed the fire board recall.

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Celebrate Armed Forces Day on the third Saturday in May

It is a day to pay tribute to men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. There is a whole week dedicated to our Armed Forces. Those honored are Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard.

The National Guard and the Reserves can celebrate any period in May because of their unique training schedules.

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Open invitation for birthday celebration

Dear Friends:

Tomorrow it’s “Happy Birthday To Me.” I’ll be 63 years old.

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Clarification of VFD recall article

There are some points in Mike Leiby’s article concerning the Vernon Fire District recall that need clarification.   

The Apache County Attorney’s Office is the attorney representing Vernon Fire District. The complaints filed for Open Meeting Law violations and for Conflict of Interest are being handled by the Arizona State Attorney General’s office and are still under investigation. 

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Proud grandmother: Not the only team from Arizona

I’m writing to correct a title on a picture published May 6 on the Heber-Overgaard Robotics Team. It was stated Heber was the only team from Arizona to make it to the World Finals Competition in St. Louis last month.

Not so. There were two other teams from Arizona “Crush” from Arizona Sonora Science Academy in Tucson and the “Bit Bots” who competed in the world championship.

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Let your common sense kick in

And the winner is?

Now that this train wreck of the Republican primary is over, and all the frustrations, and I don’t believe this is happening is over. It is time to face reality. It is time to make a decision.

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Open letter to VA Health Care director

To: Phoenix VA Health Care System

ATTN: Director of Medical Center

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Vernon Bullies fail once again

Yahoo!! The Vernon Bullies, or should I say the “Sunday morning bunch” failed again in their tireless efforts to quiet anyone who dares to disagree with the way they want to control the Vernon community. 

Their failed effort to recall two Vernon Fire Board members was not a failure at all. This is the way it was meant to be.

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Justice Scalia lived in an elite world

Marc V. Ridenour is fully on point in questioning Justice Antonin Scalia’s death. However, let’s not jump to conclusions. Point: No autopsy, and all the refusals to follow typical protocol shows a certain cover up.

However, Scalia’s family shied away from any investigation, claiming it would take away from honoring Justice Scalia’s legacy.

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Impressive talent

Kudos to everyone involved in Show Low High School’s recent production of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”!

Whether the students were singing, dancing or playing instruments, their talent was impressive. Music and drama blended perfectly, thanks to excellent directors. Behind-the-scenes talent was obvious as well; clever sets and beautiful costumes made the show a joy to watch.

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Let’s change the rules of the election

Let’s make the upcoming election interesting! When Clinton and Trump win their respective nominations, do not have them pick vice president running mates. Who ever loses the election gets to be vice president.

If Trump wins, Hillary is his vice president and visa-versa.

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Mother cows and our own bodies

This Mother’s Day, May 8, many of us will celebrate the powerful bond between mother and child. Tragically, the worldwide symbols of motherhood — dairy cows — never get to see or nurture their babies.

Newborn calves are torn from their mothers at birth, so we can seize and drink the milk that mother cows produce for them. The powerless, distraught mothers bellow for days, hoping in vain for their babies’ return. The babies are kept alive elsewhere, to soon become veal cutlets.

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No small-town show

Kudos to Show Low High School for their accomplished production of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”!

This was not a “small-town” show. Show Low has a long history of outstanding musical productions, but this one topped them all! The sets were AMAZING, the music (both vocal and instrumental) was bright and beautiful, the choreography was intricate and impressive, the characters were played flawlessly.

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Stabbed in the back by political hacks

Well, once again we the people have been stabbed in the back by the political hacks who dominate the both political parties and the government in Washington, D.C., and most if not all of the states!

I am referring to how a great majority of the Arizona delegates to the GOP convention have sold out to Ted Cruz—they have pledged to vote for him if Trump fails to get the nomination on the first ballot! I wonder how they go bought off—did Cruz promise them plush offices and cushy jobs in Washington if he gets elected? Or just slip them fat envelopes of cash under the table? I think Gov. Ducy needs to have the state attorney general investigate this! I smell corruption! Something’s very rotten much closer than Denmark, people!

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Unwarranted fear on wolves

I am writing in response to a recent article re: “Hunters Being Hunted” (May 3).

I grew up in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. My father raised white face cows and horses. I heard wolves howl at night as a kid. We were never in fear of them. They are part of the natural ecosystem. Europeans and their cows are not.

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Cultural dirty movies

To: Parents, people who love their children, friends, grandparents, smart, energetic young people — just for fun, ask yourself, “Self, where are the socialist smoking Nazis gangs that have been verbally frothing for years, attempting and succeeding in many places to deny cigarette smoking (a legal substance) in a variety of businesses (bars? really??), in public buildings, in your own apartment, in your own home, outside on a public street, and on and on.

So why haven’t we heard a “verbal puff” from the smoking Nazis protesting the legalization of marijuana — perhaps because so many are, and have all along, been happily and hypocritically smoking weed, but (of course) not inhaling as one of their infamous leaders maintained, so they are frequently just plain stoned, and that condition completely suspends the adequate functioning of their intellectual processes while throughout the experience destroying and/or neutralizing even more of the dopers’ dwindling supply of brain cells.

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Removal of memorials

Gov. Ducey’s Administration and the Arizona Department of Transportation have commenced removing memorial crosses and religious markers from the side of state highways. This removal started two weeks ago along State Route 177 and east of Superior on US 60.

No notification either personally or via local newspaper was provided to families of the loved ones that were killed at those sites.

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With immigration, less is better

I am writing in response to Tim Hannigan’s Opinion in the White Mountain Independent Friday, April 29. I appreciated Mr. Hannigan’s presentation on immigration. It was a balanced well thought out approach to this dilemma. I agree — with immigration, less is better.

Patrick Stocks,

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VFD: The Good, the bad, the ugly and the recall

The Good — Having a Fire District in a small community with good, conscientious rank and file firefighters; having directors like Steve Miller and Dorothy O’Donnell who are looking after the best interest of the citizens it serves and balancing the limited resources to the best advantage.

They believe that the Vernon Fire District needs to address the needs of our firefighters with good pay and benefits that are competitive with neighboring fire districts. They voted against raising the tax rate to the maximum while the district was sitting on a $238,000 budget carryover that was never shown in the current budget. They ask questions and hold the administration accountable for their actions including advocating for a forensic audit.

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For the woman who offered to pay my groceries at Walmart

For a stay-at-home mom of four kids, there’s few things worse than having to go grocery shopping when circumstances dictate that you have to take them with you. One such morning I utilized the time to brave this dreaded errand with only two of my girls. I thought that if I went early enough, I’d be able to avoid the crowds and prevent any self-inflicted hair-pulling (on my part) due to the embarrassing whining from my children because grocery shopping is taking too long.  

Surprisingly, it was a refreshing relief to make it to the check-out without any such previously mentioned embarrassing incidents. My children were amazing.  To top it off, my groceries even came in under budget! Then, the worst thing you could imagine when trying to pay for your groceries, happened — my debit card declined. I knew the funds were there so I asked the very polite cashier to re-run the transaction. At this point, I’m on the verge of panic and embarrassment. To make matters worse, the man behind me threw his hands up in the air and looked at everyone behind him with a look of frustration.  

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