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CPS needs to end the corruption now

Posted: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 5:00 am

To the Editor:

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  • Mountain Mom posted at 5:05 pm on Wed, Oct 3, 2012.

    Mountain Mom Posts: 11

    Here is the original version of my letter. It was edited so the newspaper could not be held liable.

    CPS, End the Corruption

    I know there are some people out there that SHOULD have their kids taken away due to abuse and the parents being strung out on drugs. Yet CPS (Child Protective Services) allows those kids to stay in the home while giving the family “services” and paying their bills. What about the kids who are removed for much less (then a parent staying high) and it takes MONTHS to get them back??? What about the kids who are in a good home and yet are removed anyway when there really is no cause?? There are children that are removed every day for little to no reason. Thousands of people across America call it “Legal Kidnapping”. There are tons of websites on it.

    Have you had CPS say to you “If we ever have to come back we will remove your children from you?” or maybe they have said this “If you don’t sign this we will be forced to do a dependency petition against you in court”. Blackmail is a legal tactic they seem use. And who is the lawyer for CPS????? An attorney out of the Attorney General’s office for Thomas Horne!!!! Her name is Jacqueline Kozlik, Assistant Attorney General, State Bar No. 021171. No wonder you cannot take on CPS and win!

    All it takes is for someone to be mad at you and they can mess with your life by making a CPS report on abuse or neglect. I understand that there are children that are removed because they are truly being neglected and abused. But to remove children where there is almost no justification is the reason why the foster care system is over flowing. Families are ripped apart by a CPS worker that has a prejudgment against you. CPS wastes taxpaying dollars by have the families go through services the families may not need just because CPS needs to keep a certain amount of cases open so they do not lose their job. CPS must look productive in our area or they risk having their office staff shrink. In today’s economy who wants to lose their jobs? No one. Which is why those callous people up at the Show Low office and any other office in the state does not care if they are messing with good peoples’ lives by opening a case against them. The bottom line for them is getting paid to keep their bills paid.

    There is a rumor going around that if you were ever involved with CPS before, they are falsely opening old cases to keep “work” going in the Show Low Office? They show up at your door and go to school to speak with your children without your knowledge and all they have to say is “we received an anonymous phone call”. No more needs to be said because the law states they do not need to tell you who called it in. So how can someone prove they are lying? You cannot, which is why they can get away with it!! So be warned, do not call CPS looking for help. In the end they could possibly say you’re the one who needs help and takes your kids away for being a good parent and seeking the help your family needs. Families who call end up getting their children ripped away

    Be careful about their psychological evaluations CPS will want you to go through as well. CPS says they have a “list” of people they use. Yeah right!! They often use a Dr. James Thal located at 7315 N 16TH ST # 202 in Phoenix. Do you think you will get a fair shake with this guy practically being on CPS’ payroll? I would say not. Oh CPS will tell you that he does not work for them but who are they kidding? Dr. Thal contracts with the State of Arizona and CPS is an agent of the State of Arizona. It is pretty much the same difference. He will give them what CPS is looking for. The “proof” of his diagnosis will be that the kids were abused or neglected even if they were not. Then this “new” information is used against you in court to keep your kids from you. The reasons you ask? Simple; CPS is an incoming bankroll for him. He would not want to jeopardize loosing all that state funded money rolling into his pockets. A doctor with a PhD knows more about your child in a 3 hour visit then you, your family and regular doctor does.

    If you or someone you know has been bullied, threatened and/or harassed by CPS in Show Low, please contact John Raeder, Juvenile Justice Specialist, Governor Brewer's Office for Children, Youth and Families, 1700 W. Washington, Suite 230, Phoenix, AZ 85007, 602-542-1705, Jraeder@az.gov to file a complaint with the Governor’s Office directly. One person filing a complaint can be ignored, but if others did (and for legitimate reasons such as bullying and threats made by CPS not because you’re a meth head and your kids are now being taken care of properly) then the state would have to look into this office and make some changes and maybe even fire some of the incompetent individuals who probably do not deserve to have their jobs. On a side note, the Community Counseling Center needs a massive overhaul as well. They are worried about lining their pockets as well instead of helping you. Your complaints for CCC go to NARBHA and the Governor’s office. Don’t delay, file them today!

    Sincerely, Stacy Williamson, Show Low, AZ

    I wrote this because MANY families up here on the mountain have been torn and ripped apart while those who are drug addicts get to keep their children. There is a family that tested NEGATIVE for Meth and a few days later, their INFANT child was returned to them while putting in place "services". I guess the infant was not "damaged" enough by their standards to warrant getting that child to SAFETY.


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