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Merger is not a popularity contest

Posted: Friday, October 5, 2012 5:00 am

To the Editor:

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  • wes alderson posted at 6:02 pm on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

    wes alderson Posts: 9935


    Please clear up my confusion. Wasn't it Dave Renner who suggested that the Fire Departments return to a volunteer basis, just three years ago?

    If so, need to try to understand that in view of the fact that the Fire Department Paramedics savevd my life once. I don't think volunteers would have been able to do that.

    Can you tell me?

  • Concerned Lakeside Resident posted at 3:12 pm on Sun, Oct 7, 2012.

    Concerned Lakeside Resident Posts: 62

    Dave Renner has not the capacity nor the concern to look out for the residents of the Lakeside. He has done nothing but attempt to obstruct progress and take the department back decades. His concern begins and ends with himself and the fact that he doesnt think he should have to pay taxes to support the services we all need and enjoy (read; "I dont care if my neighbors house burns down, thats what insurance is for.").

    Mr. Renner has voted against every budget passed during his tenure as Board Member but he has voted to purchase new trucks and recently suggested paying higher rates to preserve an isolated District and an outdated dispatch center. For him to be credited now with the departments fiscal discipline is simply crazy. In fact the Lakeside Fire Department is regarded as one of the best managed governmental organizations on the mountain. This fact is in spite of Mr. Renner, not because of him. The members of that organization have fought diligently to preserve the level of service in our community and have done so in a very responsible way. Their primary opposition, Dave Renner!

    The tax payers in this community need to wise up! We have a great fire department with responsible managment who has provided for our best interests despite Mr. Renner's attempts to undermine the quality of life of all of our community members. He is not concerned about you Kurt. Fact is he regards you as a useful idiot and nothing more. Perhaps you should get involved and actually attend a Lakeside Board meeting so you can see his actual behavior rather than only listening to what he wants you to hear. I for one have seen his actions and I will be supporting the candidates that the firefighters themselves support.

    Vote for Amy Kay, Dean Gray, and Frank Miller!

  • Concerned Lakeside Resident posted at 3:16 pm on Sun, Oct 7, 2012.

    Concerned Lakeside Resident Posts: 62

    By the way Kurt. What did your statement have to do with merger? Are you just another good ole boy who will fight to protect our local system of cronyism and outdated practices?

  • tallpinesquatter posted at 9:29 pm on Mon, Oct 8, 2012.

    tallpinesquatter Posts: 4

    Mr. Lilly,

    Each of us are entitled to our opinions and I can appreciate you wanting to throw your support toward Mr. Renner, but I find your comments a bit alarming to say the least. As I have mentioned before, I made a career in public safety and I learned not only to listen to the concerns, but act upon them.

    4 years ago when Mr. Renner ran for the Lakeside Fire Department Board, he rallied support from the firefighters themselves due to his concerns with the previous board. He led them to believe that he was a friend and pro fire department. They trusted him and once the election was over, turned on them waiving his tax bills in an open meeting wanting an explanation as to why he was paying so much.

    Since that time he has fought agressively to be a one man wrecking ball often misleading the public to support his personal agenda. He continues to fight against any progress or expansion of services our families depend upon. The very thought of volunteer fire responses and contracted EMS scares the heck out of me.

    It is no secret he has gone to great lengths finding two others to run with him in the upcoming election. His sole motivation is to secure a majority vote so he can meet his personal agenda. But to use a well known name in the community to secure the LDS vote and a little known contractor who I'm sure has been promised potential projects is pretty transparent to most of the community

    You wrote that Mr. Renner got elected to be a voice of the taxpayers....... Really??? Well he never talked to me! And as far as I'm aware, he has not spoken with all those I have rubbed elbows with over the years. I don't like paying anymore taxes than I have to, but to drastically reduce emergency services we all need is selfish.

    I also question your opinion that Mr. Renner has the taxpayers interest in mind by being on the Board and he has followed the Lakeside Fire Department mission statement by being Fiscally Responsible. Being fiscally responsible does not mean to make drastic cuts in goods and services and pinching pennys in all areas. In fact the term "Fiscally Responsible" is used to describe a balanced budget or one where expenses match revenues.

    Property values are down, as are assessed property valuations. Revenue sources are slim and funding from other sources have been reduced all aroung the country. My hat goes off to the other 4 Lakeside Fire Board members who understand that Emergency Services still need to be provided and budgets still need to be approved in the most difficult of times. The records show that during Mr. Renners tenure on the fire board, he has never voted to approved a budget, but has suggested to reduce pay to staff by 20% and the overall budget by 10-15%. I ask, how is this "Fiscally Responsible"? Mr. Renner may have had some success with his business ventures, but speaking from experience, running a taxed base public safety entity takes on a whole different approach. It consists of a fine tuned checks and balances system while providing necessary goods and services to a community.

    I do agree that we all have had to make tough decisions regarding finances within our own homes to make ends meet in these though economic times. It was not a popular decision to disconnect cable, telephone, uninsure a secondary vehicle, reduce cell phone usage and of course limit date nights with my beautiful wife to make ends meet. My decisions effect my household not my neighbors. They address their own financal concerns in their own best interest. It would be selfish of me to disconnect, reduce or limit my neighbors right to these services just because I think it would be good for them. Get the picture???

    I have yet to meet anyone within our community who has expressed any concerns about the emergency services the Lakeside Fire Department provides. I will always be thankful for their professionalism and quick response. As the others have mentioned Mr. Lilly, maybe you should get an educated response to your concerns and not cast support to someone we both have known for 40 plus years.

    As a retired member of a Public Safety / Emergency Services agency, I did not always enjoy making tough decisions. I will say however, that I always slept well knowing that Emergency Services were never reduced, community members were always protected and those who provided these services were a priority wihin the community and an active part of its growth!

    My support this upcoming election has to be with Dean Gray, Frank Miller and Amy Kay. No agenda, just a logical choice for our community and our Fire Department!


  • wes alderson posted at 1:07 am on Fri, Oct 12, 2012.

    wes alderson Posts: 9935

    Thank you to Mr. Or Ms Tallpine.

    I have to admit that the times I have witnessed Mr. Renner's tactics, I have been apalled at his conduct - including those meetings mentioned earlier in this string.

    Is he actually running for re-election at this time?

    He certain doesn't act like it. In order to be re-elected, generally, a candidate should try to demonstrate that he or she wants to do the things the voters need and want.

    Wes Alderson.

  • jim beck posted at 6:14 pm on Sat, Oct 13, 2012.

    jim beck Posts: 744

    For anyone to suggest we move to a all-volunteer fire department demonstrates their complete lack of rational reasoning: We live within a forest that becomes dry as a tinderbox for several months a year. Rodeo-Chedeski and the Wallow fire should have demonstrated to any logical mind that one thing we could NEVER afford to do would be to allow a small blaze to become a large, uncontrolable fire!
    While I appreciate Mr. Renner watching that our taxes are spent wisely, I think it suicidal to accept Mr. Renner's suggest(s) on this grave matter of live and death and property.


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