Snow. Sleet. Graupel. Rain. And that wind … it seemed like weather had an unending grip on us earlier this year. After each respite of sunshine, winter reared back up with more pranks. But with a lingering wet season, the “Super Bloom” was invited and accepted. May our gardens enjoy the same splendor!

Bold palettes of color flirted with us last month, sneaking up Highway 87. Mustard-colored carpets rolled out atop undulating hillsides. Wild horses grazed amid vibrant owl clover and bold brittlebush, while spindly globemallow played showoff blazing across vast stretches of desert. Vibrant lupine waved us on to Valley appointments and obligations. Pulling over for a leg stretch, I relished the beauty Ma Nature provided. With a kaleidoscope of color exploding in every direction, I anticipated something that could make my photo-snapping journey better — the long way home.

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