Armed protestor for Trump

Wednesday a small group of protesters gathered in front of the Trumped Store in Show Low, including Richard Freeze, who was openly carrying a handgun and four extra clips on his belt. The protesters gathered as part of the Save America March taking place at the Capitol building in Washington.

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Save America March? 14 law enforcement officers injured and now one lead police officer as a direct result of the participants of the Save America March. What America are you trying to save? You can certainly no longer say you back the blue when you are directly injuring and killing police. Are you proud bois proud of yourselves?


#1 It's an open carry state, well at least currently. #2 What's the issue exactly? He's waving a flag not setting a building on fire or shattering windows.


When "THE GREAT DECEIVER" has his name printed in history books, there will be many asterisks in back of it. Many!


The gun is a non issue except for the mindset of the person carrying it and since I have not spoken with the man pictured I can't answer to that. Sadly the assault on our Capitol by other rabid armed Trump supporters display their fealty to him instead of our Country. For a country supposedly based on laws and respect (or at least working on it) this Presidency has been a failure. The unfounded claims of massive voter fraud have not been substantiated by any legitimate investigation, Local, State or Federal, yet some of these Kool Aid drinkers continue to believe the Trump lies.


Whatever. Biden's not going to take away his right to carry a gun either. He has a right to do what he's doing, though his hero perpetrated the most shameful act in recent history and committed political suicide in the process.


In my humble opinion, if you are peacefully protesting then wearing a firearm should not be a part of your attire. I am a peaceful person and had I been nearby this group, I would of felt threatened. I saw this same thing happen in Prescott during the BLM protests last year, with many people feeling it necessary to bear and show arms. That behavior screams “I will get my way or shoot you if necessary because you disagree”. Open carry is fine. Open carry in a peaceful protest is not.


[smile]How do we know which were actual protesters and which were rabble-rousers looking to hijack a peaceful demonstration? Community activist trainer Saul Alinsky taught this sabotage technique to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other left-wing "community organizers".


How do you know they were?


Oh, my! It's a citizen exercising his rights under the Second Amendment. Scary!

How many people, officers, and businesses killed, injured, and damaged at the hands of BLM and ANTIFA? How many people terrorized? How much property occupied and destroyed for great lengths of time? How many people enslaved under Democrat whip-crackers? How great a nation destroyed from within by Democrats -- THE party of hate, intolerance, destruction, and crimes against nature?


Darch1 - To answer your question:

"New research, based on almost 900 politically-motivated plots and murders in the US since 1994, found only one person's death in the last 25 years was linked to "antifa" or anti-fascists, and the person who died was the attacker.

In comparison, over that same period, 329 murders were linked to the far-right.

When the label was broadened from anti-fascists to left-wing violence, it found 21 victims had been killed since 2010, compared to 117 in right-wing violence in the same time period."


I was born in Colorado and lived in Arizona and New Mexico most of my life. I went hunting with my dad for ducks, geese, elk, and deer to help feed the family. One of the things that he taught me was never to point a gun at anyone, even if it unloaded. He would have been appalled at the idiots today who carry their guns into Home Depot, Walmart, restaurants, etc. AR-15s and other assault weapons are made for killing people, not hunting. People that carry around weapons in public are probably looking for a civil war, just like the terrorists that took over the capitol. Like the president, they are all fools. So you want to destroy our government? Then what?


Anyone who continues to support Trump after Wednesday's insurrection is a TRAITOR to the United States of America. Period. And if you continue to fly a Confederate battle flag and/or a swastika, here's a reminder: We already fought those wars, and you're 0-2.


I am done with the Trumplican Party. This country needs to get back to 2 parties that have the hope of working together. He is unfit for office. And he acts like he things the violence was horrific? The latest I heard. He stoked it period.


Why did he go armed? Why did he feel the need? Show Low isn’t the kind of place one must carry. Oh, and ditch the anti-Trump rhetoric. I’m betting that if the truth ever gets out it will be revealed they were ANTIFA or some other gang.


they are being arrested and they are ALLl Trumpers, no antifa. Get it marc, all trumpers, zero antifa. Hey , just in case you're keeping score. There's the TRUTH you're looking for. I personally don't think your brain is capable of handling the truth.


Marc-V-Ridenour: They were NOT "AntiFa." They were Trump supporters: Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, QAnon delusionals, 3%ers, and other domestic terrorist "gangs" (as you put it). And some of them beat Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick with a fire extinguisher so badly that he later died of his injuries. Yes, they murdered him. Trump-supporting domestic terrorists murdered him. Not "AntiFa," not Mexicans, not Muslims, not "Leftist extremists." Trump supporters.


I'm a liberal gun owner. I RARELY find myself in situations where I'd even WANT to have my gun on me. People more often wear their weapons as a show of intent rather than self defense. The man flying his stupid Trump flag was in no danger. Unlike the Police officer who was beaten to death by MAGA Insurrectionists with a fire extinguisher.


Over 80 arrests of the Treasonous Traitors who attacked the United States Capitol and all are right wing extremist Trump supporters. Interesting that 3 hours before the insurrection attack , at the rally, Trump incited his followers to storm the U.S. capitol and he would be with them all the way. NOT! The coward sent his followers

to die, get beat up and get criminally charged and he took off to the safety of the WH and watch it all on T.V. ; again Trump showed everyone that he is not a leader, he is a coward that uses people.

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