As a member of the Navopache Electric Cooperative, customers have a right to run for and/or vote for the board of directors. It’s the second Cooperative Principle – Democratic Member Control.

This year, elections will take place in the following districts:

• District 1 – Lakeside

• District 3 – Whiteriver, Fort Apache, Carrizo, Cedar Creek, Cibecue, McNary, Hon-Dah, Hawley Lake, Forestdale and Sunrise

• District 4 – St. Johns, Concho, Hunt and Vernon

• District 7 – Heber and Overgaard

As stated in NEC’s bylaws, to serve on NEC’s board of directors no person shall be eligible to become or remain as director or to hold any position of trust in the cooperative who:

• Is not a natural person and bona fide member receiving electric service and bona fide resident in area served or to be served by the Cooperative;

• Is in any way employed by or financially interested in a competing enterprise or business selling supplies to the Cooperative or one that is in direct conflict with the Cooperative in business relationship or sales of electric power;

• Is the incumbent of or candidate for an elective public office which would be or is in conflict with the normal service of a Cooperative director’s duties and a public affairs position that receives compensation or a salary in excess of $600 per year;

• Is related to or a relative of any NEC board of director or NEC employee or within the five years immediately preceding the election has been convicted of a felony or an employee of Navopache. “Relative” and “related” is defined as the spouse, parent, child, sibling, brother, sister, grandparent, step-parent, grandchild or legal ward or guardian of an employee, all marriage related in-laws and first cousins thereto;

• Has not been a member of the Cooperative for the preceding 12 months;

• Beginning with the annual meeting in November 1949, no more than one director shall be elected from each of the above named districts and, should any director so elected from any district move his residence from said district, then the remaining members of the board of directors shall declare his office vacant and a majority of the board shall elect a new member for the balance of his term.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Neal at 928-368-1201.

If you are qualified to run for the board of directors the election process is as follows:

• The board appoints a nominating committee for each district, which will meet in said districts during the month of July.

• The nominating committees nominate qualified persons to be placed on the election ballot.

• Other persons may be nominated by petition containing the signatures of at least 50 members from their district.

• Blank petition forms are available at NEC’s Headquarters in Lakeside beginning Monday, July 1. They will also be available at nominating committee meetings.

• Completed petition forms must be filed at NEC Headquarters in Lakeside no later than 6 p.m. Friday, July 31.

• All qualified certified nominees will be placed on the election ballots, which will be mailed to members in August.

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