Standard Electric staff loves their pets, customers

Standard Electric Wholesale staff, from left: Jake Lasley, Bill Lasley (holding Harley the guard dog), Lloyd Kriter, Taylor Bennett, Ed Bennett, and Spotty the therapy cat (relaxing on the stool).

SHOW LOW—An April Fool’s Day to remember. On April 1, 2005, Standard Electric opened its doors for business, and no joke; it’s been going strong ever since. Owners Ed Bennett and Bill Lasley bought the business from long time resident Jerry Burden, who started out taking his flat bed truck to Phoenix and picking up supplies for local electricians before opening a storefront.

Today’s Standard Electric Wholesale Company is off Old Linden Road near the Deuce of Clubs in Show Low at 750 N. 6th Street. Owners Ed and Bill are there to serve, while they’re not out making deliveries. The always-on popcorn machine pops out movie-quality popcorn and “therapy cat” Spotty is content to ignore everyone on an equal opportunity basis. Harley the dog is friendlier.

Standard Electric gets its supplies and parts from leading national manufacturers who are a little picky about whom they allow to distribute their products. Standard sells “all major brands;” says Bennett — manufacturers may not even return calls from newly-opened stores with whom the manufacturers don’t have a positive track record. Also, the Standard company name includes the word “wholesale” which allows them to buy at reduced prices from manufacturers, and still offer products to non-commercial customers.

Sure, explains Bennett, the wall box for switches at Standard may cost ten cents more than the box on the shelf at a big box store, but with his product, the “screws won’t strip,” he says, and that is just one example. They believe in stocking quality products that requires less labor and results in a better overall job. In fact, his store still sells wire, such as telephone wire, by the foot or even by the inch, instead of a one-size fits-all wad available in set lengths at the big box stores. Patrons appreciate the technical knowledge and experience they find there, including the “oddball” products, as one visitor commented.

It’s a family run operation. Bennett’s daughter Taylor works there as does Lasley’s son, Jake. They are open 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Fridays, including, if it falls on a weekday, April Fools Dayi

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