Linda Brimahall

Earlier this year Linda Brimahall launched SynKroMax Internet, a new wireless broadband internet service in the areas of Snowflake and Taylor and now have many customers online “enjoying a faster more reliable service.”

SynKroMax Internet is hosting a meeting for people who should want to know more about LocaLoop and how it is working for their new business.

Earlier this year SynKroMax Internet launched a new wireless broadband internet service in Snowflake and Taylor and now has "many customers online enjoying a faster more reliable service.”

With Localoops technology, the company plans to expand and finish the “last mile” and bring service to more of the rural areas of the White Mountains “that so desperately need reliable internet service.”

SynKroMax was able to do this through a Minnesota-based company called LocaLoop, “the only company that has developed a cloud-based technology with a singular business model that enabled SynkroMax to quickly launch its own high-speed, affordable internet business that is becoming very profitable very fast.”

SynKroMax Internet and its partners are seeking qualified investors “who are interested in the future of a more reliable, resilient, redundant wireless broadband internet for rural markets in northern Arizona and the USA.”

“LocaLoop is an emerging technology business with proven, patented technology that is growing rapidly and is a very timely investment opportunity for qualified investors,” the company said.

If interested, contact SynKroMax as soon as possible to reserve a spot. There are several dates and times for a lunch or dinner to go along with the short presentation between the dates of Aug. 29 and Sept. 2.

Call owner Linda Brimhall at 928-243-7811 for more information.

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