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SPRINGERVILLE — Greg and Jen Moter are the owners of Moter Family Farms and The Honey Shack located in Springerville, AZ.

Jen’s business acumen kicked into full swing with her quickness in understanding and dealing with the needs of the community during the COVID-19 difficulty. When she saw people struggling to buy certain items in the regular retail or grocery stores, Jen ordered paper towels, toilet paper, yeast, flour, sugar, cheese and any other item which was hard to find.

She announced on Facebook: We are open! We disinfect our door handles throughout the day. Grocery stores are crazy right now. Avoid the chaos and take a trip to the Honey Shack! We have five Egg Vendors, Grass Fed Beef, Elderberry Syrup and other products from 22 local home based businesses, including fresh baked bread every Friday morning. The Honey Shack consigned vendors to sew masks, provide bleach, sanitizer and anti-bacterial soaps and gloves, along with their other hand made specialty items for sale.

Jen reported, “When it all started we got a donation of hand sanitizer hung outside for customers to have easy access arriving and departing. We always kept one door open so there was no need for our customers to touch a door knob. Additionally curb side and home delivery was offered.

The Chamber of Commerce sends huge kudos and heart-felt gratitude to Greg and Jen Moter for the far above and far beyond service they provided at the Honey Shack.

Honey is always the cornerstone of their business, collecting and selling pollen, honey, salve, honeycomb, and honey straws. They soon had thirty artisans and crafters offering their products on consignment. Now the Honey Shack sells bread, fudge, earrings, jewelry, crochet items, bath and body works, salves, sugar scrubs, pottery, bird houses, crochet animals and booties, smudge sticks, hair design products and much more.

Greg Moter is working on the Honey Shack kitchen to prepare it for artisans to cook their products in-house. He expects the kitchen project to be complete in three months. Greg also serves as a Member of the Board of Directors at the Springerville-Eagar Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The Honey Shack joined forces with the White Mountain Community Cooperative Farmers & Artisans Market which is open every Friday & Saturday, May 8th thru September 26th, 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

This small business gets local crafters and artisans’ product to the public.

Check out their Facebook page at facebook.com/Honey-Shack-Farmers-Market-738441083239394/ or call 928- 245-8936.

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