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Jack Wood, Bryan Padd & Darryl Sleighter of White Mountain Computers. The store is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They are located at 3045 West White Mountain Boulevard, three miles south of Walmart or one mile east of Navopache Electric in Lakeside. You can reach them at 928-368-6085.

LAKESIDE — White Mountain Computers, the largest computer sales and repair store is celebrating 30 years in business.

They opened their retail store in Lakeside in 1988 in the Blue Ridge Plaza. Owner Jack Wood came to the White Mountains in 1982 and opened and managed a gift store in the Safeway center in Pinetop called the Pow Wow Trading Post. He starting consulting and then stocking and selling computers from that location. Opening his second store in 1988, he eventually sold the trading post gift shop to focus on computer services.

In 2003 White Mountain Computers expanded its retail store and purchased the building at their current location in Lakeside. When you walk into the store you will be amazed at the walls filled with 1,000 + business cards from our clients.

The businesses’ success since can be attributed to great customer service, reasonable prices as well as offering great computer equipment and helping clients use and maintain their computers with software assistance. It is important to us that our clients enjoy and use their computer. It has always been critical the we earn referrals.

We enjoy helping our clients. When we do a repair, we address the concerns the users may have, for no additional charge. We also work with our clients after the repair to assist with maintenance and usage. We urge all our customers to do frequent data backup. We have created a backup program that we install on almost all our repairs that will backup the new or changed client data to a flash drive, this custom backup program is free to our customers with our services.

White Mountain Computers stocks and assists with the purchase of new computer systems, Intel desktop and laptops at affordable prices with security software, office packages and computer tutors included. We customize each new unit before the client takes it home and offer training on the new system at no additional cost.

Owner Jack Wood is usually found in the office. Darryl Sleighter is the lead technician, with extensive knowledge of Windows, networks, Apple systems and hardware, Darryl is assigned to most business service calls and maintenance. Bryan Padd is also on our service team. Bryan is very experienced, very sharp with repairs, upgrades and maintenance.

We treat all of our clients as our neighbors and friends. Many of our summer clients wait till summer to have their computers serviced or purchase a new system because they know they will be treated fairly and they know year after year they can see the same friendly faces and they are not strangers.

Jack, Darryl and Bryan invite you to stop by to find out for yourself why they have been successful for over 30 years.

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