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Carol L. Rowe, D.V.M. - Blue Ridge Pet Clinic


Just like humans, cats can get
arthritis too. It is not easy to diagnose, and it doesn’t show up
on X-rays, so as a pet parent, you
need to be able to notice some
of the signs of arthritis. Your
cat might show a reluctance
or inability to jump, may stop
grooming as much, experience a
personality change, sleep more,
hide, or appear stiff. Although
arthritis shows up more often in
older cats, younger cats can suffer
from it as well. In cats, arthritis
is usually caused by trauma, an
infection, or an immune system
problem. Arthritis can affect any
of a cat’s joints.

Your veterinarian can assist you
with easing or treating the problem. Currently there is no cure
for arthritis but weight loss or
monitoring, an “arthritis” diet,
joint supplements and controlled
exercise may help.
For sick pets or routine care,
schedule an appointment at
Blue Ridge Pet Clinic, where
our goal is to provide the best
medical care for your dog or
cat. We offer pet owners the
support and information they
need to provide lifelong care
for their animals. To schedule
an appointment, please call
928-367- 5950.

We are located at 712 W. Mountain Blvd., Lakeside


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