Lowe’s grant funds BRES Learning Garden

Students work in one of the growing boxes in the BRES Learning Garden.

LAKESIDE — The simple act of forwarding information to a colleague has resulted in a grant of nearly $4,000 to Blue Ridge Elementary School (BRES).

Margine Bawden, U of A Extension, forwarded the grant information to BRES SPED Coordinator 4-6 Betsy Alekay. Alekay applied for a Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant sponsored by the Lowe’s Charitable and Education Foundation (LCEF) and was awarded $3,845 to build a Learning Garden.

One of the best ways students learn is through hands on experiences. Thanks to the efforts of Blue Ridge educators and Lowe’s, BRES students can learn about plants at their new Learning Garden.

Teachers and students worked together to build 20 raised garden boxes along the northwest fence of the campus using the grant funds. Show Low Lowe’s also donated 14 boxes of seeds.

Students can choose what to plant. Some ideas are a salsa garden or herb garden, a pumpkin patch or a flower garden to attract pollinators.

The BRES Learning Garden offers the opportunity to learn about plant life cycles, healthy eating, biodiversity and planting to attract pollinators to the area according to Alekay.

Toolbox for Education grants are reserved for approved school improvement projects that can be completed in one year.

Parents and community members are welcome to visit the Learning Garden said Alekay.

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