NPC joins in Capital showcase of community college 'at work'

NPC's Ernie the Eagle joined mascots from the state's other community colleges and college leadership in a fun day showcasing community college solidarity

NPC leadership, staff and students joined representatives from community colleges around the state to converge on the capitol Feb. 19 in a show of solidarity for continued legislative support.

Thanking Gov. Doug Ducey for last year’s “one-time” funding initiative, the state’s 10 college districts urged continued investment in Arizona’s community colleges and programs. Each of the colleges showcased programs and offerings stemming from the augmented funding of fiscal year 2019-20.

From every corner of the state, Arizona’s community colleges made it clear they take education seriously and are thankful for monies received. College presidents, chancellors, staff and students from Pima, Cochise, Maricopa, Central Arizona, Yavapai, Mohave, Coconino, Eastern Arizona, Estrella and Mesa community colleges were in attendance to showcase their initiatives. Nearly 600 people attended the event which bore the hashtag tagline #FundWhatWorks.

With nearly double the student attendance of the state’s three public universities, community colleges in Arizona impact not only the state’s economy but are central to sustaining strong communities, supporting families and ensuring student success.

“I am thrilled to see the state’s community colleges come together to show how we create the highly trained workforce and educated populace that Arizona needs,” says NPC’s President Mark Vest. “Our programs help students find better jobs and lift themselves out of poverty. We are often the only option in rural communities for underserved students to gain the skills needed by the economy of the future.”

NPC showcased the college’s Fire Science Department with demonstrations on the danger of backdrafts and used a stun gun presentation to highlight NPC’s Law Enforcement program. NPC also presented visitors with information on the remarkable success of their construction program at the Whiteriver Center, which combines GED preparation with nationally-certified construction curriculum to create career-ready graduates.

“Shock and awe demos are always fun,” states Ann Hess, NPC’s Director of Marketing and coordinator of NPC’s Day at the Capitol. “We had a lot of interaction with students and visitors,” she continues. “There’s nothing like fire and tasers to grab people’s attention and get people asking questions about your programs.”

A video of the event can be seen at

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