SHOW LOW — Naked Mobile is sponsoring The Naked Truth Coalition, an initiative driven by the Navajo County Public Health District to create safer and healthier communities for all White Mountain residents, especially local youth.

The coalition is currently comprised of a number of community organizations and leaders, faith groups, law enforcement, public agencies, health-care professionals and concerned local residents.

“We need everyone’s help to shatter the silence about tough issues facing our community — child sexual abuse, high STD rates, teen pregnancy and human trafficking. Knowledge plus action equals power,” said Allison Hephner, community outreach manager for the Navajo County Public Health Services District.

The coalition’s first initiatives include awareness building around the issues, resources and solutions through a series of public service announcements as well as presentations to local groups and fundraising for the local Family Advocacy Center.

This June 6-11, the coalition is bringing nationally acclaimed speaker Amy Lang  to the White Mountains as part of the “Keeping Kids Safe Tour.” Lang will tour Navajo and Apache counties presenting a variety of educational events for professionals and parents, including “How to Talk to Your Kids and Teens About the Birds and the Bees.”

Local parents and grandparents should mark their calendars for Saturday, June 11. Following the Annual Health Fair, Lang will go on stage from 2-5 p.m. under the big tent on the Summit Healthcare campus in Show Low.

Amy will teach parents and caregivers how to talk to kids and teens about the birds and the bees and other important topics related to keeping kids safe and healthy. The event is free and open to the general public. A variety of raffle prizes will be available and proceeds benefit the Family Advocacy Center located in Show Low.

“Together we can face the health and safety issues in our own backyard, provide resources to those who need them and build a healthier, happier community,” Hephner said. “We hope everyone will support this objective by sharing this information with family and friends and joining us on June 11 for an insightful, entertaining, empowering presentation from one of the nation’s foremost experts on the ‘Birds and the Bees and Kids.’”

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