SHOW LOW  –Medieval Mayhem Historical Arts Foundation (MMHAF) has awarded its first scholarship to Teracey Perkins of Clay Springs.

Teracey is a Show Low High School graduate who is currently enrolled at Northland Pioneer College. She shared her passion for photography with the foundation through its unique application process.

First, Teracey answered questions about herself and her passion that the foundation asks on its application form. Then she submitted a digital sample of her skills which were required to have a Medieval or Renaissance context, application, or theme.

Evaluation and judging of applications had to take place via emails and zoom meetings but, there was one clear winner according to foundation president, Ric Gibbons. Teracey Perkins submitted a Shakespeare tragedy style story told in a series of photos complete with period costumed characters. “Teracey’s application stood out in several ways,” notes Ric. “First, was the level of difficulty to come up with a way to present a modern art form in a period style way. Photography back in the day was known as painting! One thing we found impressive was that each of her photos was a work of art on its own.”

Other judges commented on the excellent quality of the photos themselves, the choices of scenery, costumes, and action in each shot. Most of the officiates were captivated by the story more so than the medium used to present it. One executive board member noted that the submission reminded him of when special effects are done well in movies, observers don’t notice that it was a special effect.

Teracey will receive her $500 award via video presentation during the foundation’s virtual round table meeting on May 16th. One of the other distinguishing marks of Medieval Mayhem Historical Arts Foundation’s scholarship program is that winners are given the funds directly and are free to apply them to whatever needs they may have for their education. The money can go toward tuition, equipment, books, housing, meals, or car repairs. “If it is something a student needs to get to school to get the education they want, our goal is to help them to do that!” Explains Co-founder & CEO, Daris Gibbons.

Teracey is planning on using her award to pay off her truck. Additionally, Teracey is eligible to apply with a new submission each year until she reaches her bachelor’s degree so long as her permanent residence remains local!

The foundation’s biggest annual fund-raising event, Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire, is familiar to many locals and takes place in July every year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and public safety concerns, the foundation regrets to announce the cancellation of the event for 2020. However, plans to reopen in 2021 at its new Show Low, AZ location with many exciting changes that are in the works! Teracey plans on capturing the 2021Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire on film and looks forward to helping spread the word about the foundation.

For more information on Medieval Mayhem Historical Arts Foundation:

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