Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire 2018 sword battle

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SHOW LOW — Medieval Mayhem Historical Arts Foundation is putting forth a “last call” for local students to apply for scholarship awards. All application requirements can be found at the foundation’s web site:

The deadline for application is April 15, 2020. The foundation board plans on announcing winner(s) by May 15, 2020.

Local residents, Ric and Daris Gibbons founded Medieval Mayhem Historical Arts Foundation in 2016 as a way to help White Mountain students fund post-secondary education. After 3 years of fund-raising, the foundation is now able to offer at least one, and possibly two $500 awards.

The foundation boats an unusual application process. Students fill out an on-line essay-style questionnaire and then must submit some form of digital presentation that shows what it is they are passionate about learning or doing as a career. The twist is that the presentation must be centered around the Medieval/Renaissance eras. So, if cooking is your passion, you would put together a meal that someone would have prepared during that time period using ingredients that would have been available, submit the recipe and a video or power point of the preparation and finished product. Interested in engineering? Show the foundation how something like a castle would have been designed and built to fend off enemy attacks. The concept can be applied to any subject and the foundation will even offer one on one assistance to those interested in applying.

Winners will receive the funds directly and can use them for any expense associated with getting their education. It can be applied to tuition, books, housing, needed supplies or equipment, vehicle repairs or meal tickets.

The foundation’s biggest annual fund-raising event, Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire, is familiar to many locals and takes place in July every year. Many exciting changes are happening with this event in 2020 and plans continue to move forward to hold the event. Additionally, the foundation is planning a new fundraising event for October called High Country Steampunk Festival. More information will be release in the coming months as appropriate to ensure public safety.

More details on the scholarship application and the foundation:

Current event information is listed on:

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