SNOWFLAKE — Snowflake High School recently competed in the Academic Decathlon regional and state competitions.

The Snowflake High School Academic Decathlon members who competed at the Honors level are Kaylen Wilson, Oraclle Price (regional) and Brianna Bowers (state).

The Honors level decathletes are Kaylen Wilson, Oraclle Price, (regional) Brianna Bowers (state) and Ian Fyke.

The Scholastic level decathletes are Audrey Keicher and Nathan Peterson who took second overall for Region I in the Scholastic level.

Varsity level decathletes are Jacob Martineau, Brian Winder and Alex Pond.

The Snowflake team earned third place in the regional competition after St. Johns and Show Low.

The internal school competitions this year were all virtual and no one traveled for the regional competition.

Snowflake High School, however, hosted the regional competition in which Show Low, Snowlake and St. Johns high schools competed.

Snowflake High School provided judges for the categories of Speech and Interview. Some of the judges were recruited by the Academic Decathlon team and some judged using the school’s computer infrastructure to interview and judge via Zoom.

The state competition was also held virtually March 12-13.

“All three of our area teams — Snowflake, Show Low, and St. Johns — competed, so our schools are well represented in the our state,” said Nancy Ruffell who has been the Academic Decathlon coach for several years.

Snowflake High School has qualified to compete at the state level several times, including the last five years.

“It is required that the team have at least two decathletes in each category,” said Ruffell. “That is why two of my groups are only two students and one has four — because the Honors group had one student who competed at the regional level and one that competed at the state level.”

National Honor Society

It’s not a surprise that many of the Academic Decathlon team members are also National Honor Society students. The characteristics compliment one another and the students, as a whole, are described as exceptional by the school staff.

To be considered for the National Honor Society, students are measured in the areas of scholarship, service, character and leadership according to Ruffell.

“Students are invited to apply based on rules established by the national level and chapter level,” Ruffell said. “They are then chosen by a council based on an application that lists/demonstrates service and leadership and a faculty rating system for character based on honesty/integrity, work ethic, positive examples, etc.”

Current National Honor Society spring 2021 inductees who are Snowflake High School seniors include Maren Johnston, Thea Martineau, Stephen Reidhead, Ammon Tingey and Kaylee Traver.

NHS inductees who are Snowflake High School juniors include Ray Bigler, Baylee Bowman, Kaiden Brewer, Gideon Brimhall, Emma Brubaker, Kaili Burk, Kyler Craner, Emily Davis, Kaylanna Dedman, Kimberlee Eich, Bryce Farnsworth, Sarah Gurr, Brynlee Lunt, Emarie McAdams, Alyssa Mowers, Carter Papa, Rachel Pitts, Alex Pond, Colter Reed, Ruth Stevens, Levi Uchytil, Tyler Van Vleet and Ella Willis.

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Laura Singleton is a reporter for the White Mountain Independent, covering Show Low city government, business and education.

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