Ant-Man and the Wasp

I very much enjoyed Michael Pena as the comic relief in the Ant-Man film. Lucky for me he is back in the sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp. He comes across even funnier, faster talking and with more charming goofiness than in the first film, and that is saying a lot. Multi talented Paul Rudd returns in the leading role as the super hero who can use a high tech suit to shrink down to the size of an ant. He can also control ants to his advantage in slipping into and out of tight places that a normal sized person could never enter. In this episode his sometime girl friend (Evangeline Lilly) dons the suit designed by her dad (Michael Douglas) for her mom (Michelle Phiffer) in sunnier days. Michael Douglas plays a loving father who at the same time is a dedicated and brilliant scientist.

Also supporting are the now very familiar and comfortable Laurence Fishburne and one of my current favorite actors, Walton Goggins. Goggins came to our attention as a smooth if desperate bad man in the TV show Justified. We are seeing more and more of him lately in an astonishing variety of roles from hard boiled to comic. Here he plays a criminal supplier of underground high tech with elements of the hard boiled laced with the comic. Which kind of sums up the tone of the film, desperate situations lightened up by quips.

British born actress Hannah John-Kamen has solid roles in Game of Thrones and the TV show Killjoys. We saw her earlier this year in the space yarn Ready Player One. Judy Greer helps out in a supporting role and of course Marvel creator Stan Lee has his quick, comic cameo.

Director Payton Reed returns to the helm of the production. Reed has a light touch and a flair for the comic undertones as shown in his movie Bring it On, a story of teen love and cheerleaders.

Reed had to contend with five writers, each with their ideas in the mix. Fortunately one of the writers is Paul Rudd, the star. Who better than he would know what the actor can best bring to the screen?

The producers allowed a stunning one hundred and thirty million dollars to make the film. The visual representation of the sub atomic world delight the eye while the special effects in general are fun as well as spectacular. The film runs for one hour and 58 minutes. It carries a mild PG-13 rating so those of us passed that confusing age will be able to enjoy it. I liked it just as much as Ant-Man and give it a strong four saw blades.

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