A guy (wildly handsome actor Richard Early) is having problems with his marriage. His wife (played by Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and actress Damaris Lewis) may be cheating on him. So, he makes exactly the wrong move — he cheats on his wife.

It kind of makes you wonder. Early and Lewis are certainly among the most attractive people on the planet. Do they think that they will find another life partner better looking than the one they currently have? Humans do the strangest things.

It gives the movie goer a nasty sense of claustrophobia as we watch the husband getting wrapped more tightly and then more tightly again in the plans and schemes of the “Fatale.”

A simple enough error in judgment, a lapse of morality, a violation of his sacred marriage vows, lead to another error and more. At each step along the way the “Fatale” aids, abets and guides his lapses and violations until he just has no way to find redemption. The errors and lapses happen all too often in real life but here we see savage consequences.

Watching double Oscar winner Hillary Swank play a fem “Fatale” is reason enough to see this movie. A fem fatale in French tradition refers to a woman of irresistible attraction who ultimately creates irredeemable problems for her partners. Or death.

The film genre originated with the 1915 silent film “A Fool There Was” staring Theda Bara. Bara is referred to in the film as a vampire in a metaphorical way, a woman who drains and destroys men. This movie gave us the word vamp as an alluring but dangerous woman, a term perhaps more common in the roaring ‘20s than now.

More recent films of this nature include “To Die For” with Nicole Kidman, the terrifying “Gone Girl” staring Rosamund Pike and the now-classic “Basic Instinct” featuring Sharon Stone.

Director Dean Taylor’s films have not yet reached a mass audience but he went to my old school San Diego State, so I wish him well. Writer David Loughery is an old Hollywood pro with scripts for “Star Trek V” and “Lakeview Terrace” among his writing credits.

The entirely watchable “Fatale” runs for 1:42. This film has an R rating, so not for the young folk. This enjoyable if forgettable three saw blade movie best pleases us for Swank’s acting.

Fun fact: In 2019, writer David Loughery, director Deon Taylor and star Richard Early made “The Intruder,” another movie thriller.

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