Although I haven’t officially confirmed it through my DNA test, (you have to not eat or drink anything for a half an hour before you spit in the little tube – and that’s really hard for me!!!) I’m Irish and German. Therefore genetically disposed to loving potatoes. I will eat potatoes in any form, tots, fries, cakes, smashed, mashed, baked and dauphine.

At one point my mom kinda gave up on cooking mashed potatoes from scratch. Blasphemy! So for Thanksgiving, I took over the duties of mashed potato maker.

I have some secrets, which shall become un-secrets as soon as I share them with you. Trust me, these are the best potatoes you will ever eat. Truly. I learned the technique from whom I refer to as my culinary fairy Godmother, Julia Child.

Use butter and real cream or half and half, leave the skins on, don’t use a ricer it makes the potatoes gummy, and always use Yukon gold potatoes (the skin is more tender and the flesh is buttery.) After boiling, drain the potatoes and return to the pot on low stirring gently until a skim forms on the bottom of the pot. This removes the water from the potatoes and lets them absorb the butter and cream.

3 pounds Yukon gold potatoes – quartered, leave the skins on

Kosher salt – enough to salt the water (about a tbsp) and then to season the finished potatoes


6 tbsp butter

1/3 – 1/2 cup of cream, gently warmed

Bring a large pot of water to boil and add salt and potatoes. When tender remove from heat and drain. Return to pot, heat on low, and stir gently until a skim forms. Add butter, salt, and pepper and gently mash with a potato masher. Don’t overmash. Add cream and continue to gently mash. The potatoes will be lumpy, and delicious. Adjust seasonings and serve hot.

Great the next day as a pancake, just add an egg and onions and mix and fry up in a pan.

You can add garlic, parmesan or cheddar to the potatoes, don’t be afraid to experiment!

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