At that time many will turn away from the faith. Christ (Matt. 24:10 NIV)

During the last two centuries, the light of knowledge and love of God has continued to become dimmer in the heart of humankind. This holds true especially for the more recent generations. Young people today define their success in terms of receiving good grades at school, entering a prestigious university, graduating with honors, and then getting a job with an income that would make them proud. Is this the reason God created us? Is this the true meaning of success?

People are so busy and so infatuated with the wonders of material success, they have little time to wonder about questions of human purpose and destiny. They are compensating for their lack of faith with “faith in materialism.” The stressful and competitive life of recent generations can be compared to the state of a person swimming towards a destination—a swimmer who is also tired, hungry, and thirsty, but for now has no chance of meeting those needs. Unfortunately, the swimmers in life seldom if ever even have a destination. They continue to swim through the turbulent waters of their unpleasant life without a chance to rest or to satisfy their thirst and hunger for everlasting life. They accumulate wealth for a happy and restful retirement. But that golden age arrives with unpleasant signs, such as: “Welcome to the age of frailty, dementia, and disease!” Other warning signs such as loneliness, despondency, and depression also become more visible. Is this what life is all about?

Material gains are not as glamorous as they are portrayed by Hollywood. It would be a great service to us, as well as to lonely and old people, if we all spent a couple of hours every month in a nursing home. The experience would be invaluable. It would give us a chance to see an image of the end of our journey before it has arrived!

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