Transgender athletes

State schools chief Tom Horne explains Wednesday why he is defending a law that bars transgender girls from participating in girls' sports. He is backed by Shawna Glazier and Marshi Smith, both athletes who say such competition is unfair.

PHOENIX — A former University of Arizona swimming star said Wednesday anyone born male should not be able to compete in girls' sports, no matter what the age.

Marshi Smith, the 2005 NCAA and Pac-10 Conference women's backstroke champion, already was on record as opposing the NCAA policy of allowing those born male to compete against females. At an event in January, she read a letter from 45 current and former female athletes and coaches threatening action against the organization which regulate intercollegiate sports if they do not rescind the policy.

Howard Fischer is a veteran journalist who has reported on state government and legal affairs in Arizona since 1982, the last 25 for Capitol Media Services which he founded in 1991.

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