PHOENIX — Like a raging bull, Arizona is once again the state with the highest infection rate in the country. Wednesday data from the Arizona Department of Health Services reported 5,629 new COVID-19 cases and 191 new deaths, statewide.

The total number of deaths reported in Arizona as of Wednesday was 10,673.

In Navajo County, there were 40 new cases Wednesday, bringing the new countywide total to 12,894. In Apache County, there were 21 new cases, bringing the total case number to 8,376.

Navajo County deaths were reported at 378 which is approximately 3.54% of COVID-19 deaths (10,673), statewide on Jan. 13. Apache County deaths were slightly lower at 262 on Wednesday.

As recently as Friday, Jan. 8, Arizona reported the highest 7-day case average per capita in the country. In some metrics, Arizona was touted as having the highest COVID-19 infection rate in the world. Arizona was also reported with the highest infection rate in the country on January 4.

Arizona was the top spot for COVID-19 infection rates, per capita, on Wednesday, Jan. 13. The repeat scenario is becoming the norm.

Said another way, Arizona ranked number one in the U.S. for new COVID-19 cases with 134.7 cases per 100,000 people. This is according to the federal Centers of Disease Control (CDC) COVID Data Tracker.

California is still in second place with 106.1 per 100,000, followed up by Oklahoma at 105 per 100,000. In fourth place is Rhode Island with 101.7 per 100,000 population.

Although the case data changed daily, Arizona has consistently been one of the top five states for its infection rate nationally and globally.

The U.S. has the highest number of cases in the world at 23 million (up from 21.05 last week), according to the World Health Organization and John Hopkins University. India comes in second with almost half the number of cases as the U.S. with 10.4 million cases. Brazil ranks third at 8.2 million cases, followed by Russia at 3.43 million.

On January 6-7, Arizona was reported by John Hopkins University as having the highest infection rate in the world. This was also the case for Arizona in July 2020.

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And STILL the "Covidiots" infect our grocery stores and other public spaces by refusing to simply wear a mask (and wear it correctly).


There are alot of people from other state (California) moving in. that's why California numbers have dropped. I see alot of people not wearing masks when as you walk in says masks are required.

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