PHOENIX — Sonora Quest, Arizona’s leading diagnostic laboratory, announced today they will be offering a new Semi-Quantitative COVID-19 antibody test that can provide even more information to patients and their health care providers about immune response to COVID-19.

While the previously performed Qualitative COVID-19 antibody testing can determine the presence of antibodies with a “reactive” or “nonreactive” (i.e., positive or negative) reading, it does not convey the quantity of antibodies present. The new Semi-Quantitative antibody testing offered by Sonora Quest will be able to determine whether or not antibodies are present as well as additional insight into the patient’s potential immune response to infection or vaccination by providing a numerical value to a patient’s antibody presence.

“This test will provide additional insight of one’s immune response either through natural infection or via vaccination,” said Dr. Brian Mochon, Sonora Quest’s Scientific Medical Director of Infectious Diseases Division and Clinical Research Program. “While this test can benefit everyone, providers as well as patients who are immunosuppressed or at-risk for severe diseases will especially benefit from the added information.”

As studies continue to try to determine the level of antibodies needed to produce and maintain immunity to COVID-19, any increases or decreases in the quantity of antibodies present can be monitored over time with Sonora Quest’s Semi-Quantitative test.

“One of the things that unites us is our need to understand and find answers to this devastating virus that has killed more than 500,000 Americans,” said Sonya Eagle, Sonora Quest’s Chief Operating Officer, “and adding this test to our toolbox can help with that discovery. The more we know about COVID-19 and how our bodies react to both the virus and vaccines, the better our decisions about how we slow and stop the spread of this virus can be.”

Sonora Quest’s Semi-Quantitative COVID-19 antibody testing can be ordered by a health care provider, by a patient through My Lab ReQuestTM, or an employer can provide testing for their employees through Sonora Quest’s Employer Solutions Portfolio. The cost for this test is covered by insurance if ordered by a health care provider or $99 if self-ordered.

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