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The Museum Fire currently burning in Flagstaff.

Vernon Community Plan Committee formed

VERNON — A couple of key movers and shakers in the Vernon area, Jon Dahl and Dave Peelman, had an idea to form a Community Plan Committee to improve the community and surrounding areas.

Dave Niehuis is the chairman and is also the Vernon Fire Chief. Jon Dahl is the vice chairman of the Vernon Community Plan Committee and owner of the Stanford Store.

Neihuis said Dahl and Peelman’s idea of forming a committee was approved by Apache County officials and they are now in the process of getting community members involved and forming sub-committees.

He said the group is a county-ratified one that has the job of finding out and then conveying in a final document to Apache County Planning and Zoning, the desires of the residents. The group plans to conduct a survey with residents about what they would like to see come to their community in the future.

Neihuis said once the sub-committees are formed and chairpersons elected, those chairpersons will then have the responsibility of soliciting help and formulating survey questions to get recommendations and input from the community. That information will be passed on the core committee which will create a final document to go to county planning and zoning.

He said the aforementioned survey will soon be sent out to residents in places like Show Low Pines and areas surrounding Vernon.

Neihuis said they are currently holding monthly committee meetings to get everything in place. The desire is to hold monthly meetings on the third Thursday of every month with the next one tentatively scheduled for Friday, Aug. 16, at 5:30 p.m. in the Vernon Library.

Changing traffic patters at SLUSD schools

SHOW LOW – There are several changes in the form of improvements that the Show Low Unified School District (SLUSD) wants parents to be aware of before school starts on Thursday, August 1.

These changes are the result of bond and School Facilities Board funded-projects that began last year and are “wrapping up or will be completed when school resumes,” says District Superintendent Shad Housley.

“The biggest transformations will be seen at Linden Elementary, Whipple Elementary and the junior high school,” informs Housley. The front office at Show Low Junior High has been redesigned and moved to the northwest side of the school off of Cougar Lane.

“The front offices at Linden and the junior high will be completely different. In addition, there will be changes to student drop off/pick up at these three schools.”

Additional parking lots have been constructed on the north side of Linden Elementary School and should ease the “queuing up” of cars on SR260 turing north into the school. The parking areas will look quite different but should be much safer and more efficient, according to Housely.

The biggest change is that parents will not access the interior of the campus during drop off and pick up of students. They can still utilize Old Linden Road but traffic will flow differently. An additional drop off/pick up area has been added at Cougar Lane.

For added safety, special-needs students will be loaded and unloaded on the interior of the campus.

At Whipple Ranch Elementary, buses will drop off students on the interior of the school. This means that parent drop off and pick up will be routed to the exterior of the school to keep the bus loading and unloading area more safe. The changes are also intended to enhance safety and help traffic flow.

More changes and


  • The district is expanding the White Mountain Institute (WMI) which takes place on the Show Low High School campus. WMI will be under the direction of Brian Taylor.
  • Improvements are being made to online school and curriculum available to the public and to parents that homeschool their children.
  • This will be the first semester that the District adopts “Link Crew” — a high school transition program that trains juniors and seniors to welcome freshmen and make them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their high school. Junior and Senior students are trained as Link Crew Leaders.
  • The School Facilities Board has funded a complete renovation of the high school gymnasium. The old flooring will be removed, air conditioning will be installed and lastly, new flooring will be installed. Work will begin by early August and is expected to be completed in December. Specifics about how physical education classes and sports practice will be conducted will be provided soon.

From the District Office

“Parents, please be patient and allow extra time to learn the new traffic flow,” recommends Housely. “We will do our very best to ensure a smooth transition with traffic and schools buses.”

“Personnel will be on campus at multiple places to help direct everyone; it’s important to pay attention to their directions,” he adds.

Feel free to reach out to your school’s principal or to the District Office at 928-537-6000 if you have questions or concerns. Or, visit the website at https://www.showlow.education/.

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Dr. Michael L. Wright, Superintendent, Blue Ridge Unified School District