Justin Taylor

Justin Taylor

SPRINGERVILLE — A married man and another man are dead after an apparent murder-suicide in Springerville in the early morning hours on Saturday.

Juan Antonia Lopez, 37, of Kearny, was found dead in a motel room after Springerville Police responded to what they thought was an active shooter call around 4:58 a.m. Saturday Nov. 3 at a motel located in the 500 block of E. Main Street.

Justin Taylor, 34, of Springerville, went to the motel room where his wife, Alissa Taylor, was in the room with Lopez. Police believe Lopez was shot and killed by Justin Taylor.

Alissa Taylor was also shot multiple times, she is recovering. She was flown to Scottsdale Osborn Hospital where she is listed in stable condition according to police.

Justin apparently killed himself after the failed attempt to kill his wife and successfully killing Lopez.

In an adjoining room at the time of the killings were the Lopez's five children. It was one of them who called police reporting the incident. None of them were injured.

Police Chief Mike Nuttall said few details are available in the ongoing investigation.

He said it appears that Justin may have found out Alissa was possibly planning to leave him at which time he allegedly went to the motel where she was staying with Lopez, kicked in the door and shot them multiple times with a rifle.

Nuttall said Justin then went outside onto the sidewalk and shot and killed himself with the same rifle.

The Independent will provide more details about the incident as they come in.

“The suspect Justin Taylor forced his way into the room in which Alissa Taylor and a Juan Antonia Lopez were staying. Mr. Taylor then shot both Taylor and Lopez multiple times. Ms. Taylor was able to escape the room and seek refuge. Mr. Taylor then walked outside the room and appeared to have taken his own life. The children were escorted to another room in the motel by officers and help was called for them. None of the children in the room were injured. It is unsure at this time the relationship of Ms. Taylor and Mr. Lopez. We would like to thank the Eagar Police Department, Apache County Sheriffs office, White Mountain Ambulance Service, Springerville Fire Department, Little Colorado Behavior Health, and the Arizona Department of Child Services for their assistance in this matter,” Nuttall said in a Nov. 5 press release on the incident.

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show low mom

How sad for these poor children. Were they living in this motel? Not a good scenario for 5 children to have to deal with or any child, for that matter. Why would this father have his 5 children in this precarious situation anyway? I'm not judging, I'm just trying to use the mind of logic as any normal person would or should. This ended horribly.

Long time wm resident

Sounds like the mother put them in that situation


It says in the storyline of the murder suicide that further details will be forthcoming. This is what is says: The Independent will provide more details about the incident as they come in.. No followup appeared tin the INdependent concerning this story?

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