Leslie Hildebrand


CONCHO – A Concho area resident, Leslie Hildebrand, had not been heard from since January 25. According to postings online on Facebook, she had been expected to attend a local swap meet that day but did not show up. That was the first sign to residents who knew her that something was amiss.

On Tuesday, February 4, Hildebrand was officially reported as a missing person, and a state-wide Silver Alert was issued by the Apache County Sheriff’s Office for the 77-year-old woman. Hildebrand was also added to the National Crime Information Center and Arizona Criminal Justice Information Center as a missing person, according to a press release issued by the Apache County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) late on Tuesday.

The ACSO did not reach out to local media when the Silver Alert was made, although friends and community members posted about the missing woman on social media.

Attempts were immediately made to locate Ms. Hildebrand, but efforts were unsuccessful due to the length of time that had passed between when she was last seen to when the missing person’s report was made.

On Monday, February 10, nearly a week after she was reported missing, an individual out cutting wood stumbled upon her vehicle, a white Nissan pickup truck, in a heavily wooded area. According to the ACSO, This area was remote and not easily accessible by road, located approximately one mile away from Hildebrand’s home. This person called the Sheriff’s Office, which arrived on scene immediately. Unfortunately, Ms. Hildebrand was found inside her vehicle, deceased.

It had been reported to authorities that Hildebrand suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and had become disoriented before when leaving her residence. It is unknown at this time if that played a factor in the tragic outcome, however.

According to the Apache County Sheriff’s Office, there were no indications of foul play, but investigations into what happened to Ms. Hildebrand are still ongoing.

Amber Shepard is a local journalist covering municipal governments and other Apache County topics.

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She was hearing impaired. Her mind was sharp. Who said she had Alzheimer’s? That’s who I would suspect. Her little terrier was always with her. How could he survive for 17 days with no water or food, in below freezing temperatures? Did the deputies take the little dog to her ex husband, when they found Leslie’s body? Her ex husbands text was posted on social media. He said ACSO brought the dog to him, after finding her body. I don’t believe the sheriffs brought him that dog. Why lie?


Why didn't the alleged Newspaper mention or touch on why the Apache County sheriffs search and rescue was not deployed?

Why have a Sheriffs search and rescue if it is not going to be used when needed? Or is it yet another northern only benefit of the county?


ACSO does not consider women in their 70’s important enough to put out the effort; Public Safety not a high priority, Just ask Sgt Sloan!


Agreed. Not much to the story. Were there other tire tracks or foot prints where they found the truck? Was the home brushed for fingerprints after the break in?


Go to Ac Lytle on Facebook and scroll to find the video on Leslie Hildebrands death. Share the hell out of it


ACSO took the missing person report and issued a Silver Alert. The sheriffs did not go to Leslie Hildebrands home to do a welfare check, nor did they drive the area to search for her. They did absolutely NOTHING. They waited till someone found her deceased less than a mile from her home, then Sergeant Sloan went to the location and had her body removed and the truck towed off by a local business. The truck was NOT taken to the Sheriffs impound/evidence yard to process. The scene was not processed, nor was her home. The entire case was treated as if there was no crime. Her body was sent to the Medical Examiner with no details of how she was found. Crammed upside down on the passenger floorboard. No purse, phone or keys to her truck


She was found less than a mile from her home. If there wasn’t foul play, then she died from lack of food, water and or hypothermia. Apache County never even went to her home, when she was reported missing. Had they followed up on the report, they may have seen her truck on the way there, or at least followed her tire tracks. To say no indication of foul play, tells me they won’t investigate and it’s just another case swept under the rug. Leslie Hildebrands life mattered to my community. If it takes getting a Private Investigator, to get answers, we will hire one. This is one case that won’t go cold.


What kind of attempts were made to locate her? How could the time she was last seen, to when she was reported missing, make the “attempts” unsuccessful? How do u attempt to search? Stand up from a desk and look at a calendar, then sit down again. Bcuz one person said she didn’t make it to a swap meet on the 25th. Had ACSO attempted to find her, She wouldn’t of froze to death out there. The medical examiner said she died 5 days prior to the day she was found on 2/10. Cause of death-hypothermia. Her death could of been prevented, if ACSO would of did more than attempt to locate her.


It’s February 26th and still have not seen a public statement from ACSO. Is this under investigation? Or has ACSO closed the case, finding no evidence of foul play? Missing purse, phone, gun and keys should warrant an investigation. Several robberies near her house, were reported during the time she was missing. Will ACSO fail Leslie Hildebrand again? They never searched for her. They never even went to her home. ACSO waited until someone else found her. They never put effort into finding her. She literally froze to death and it’s possible that someone put her in those trees to die.


I read her home had been robbed during the time she went missing. This is disconcerting and provides motive. People who know her say she did not have demented. The theft is suspicious.


Go to Ac Lytle on Facebook and scroll to find her video on Leslie Hildebrands death and share it. ACSO failed this lady!

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