Boys and Girl's Club of Round Valley receives grant

EAGAR – The Boys & Girls Club of Round Valley (RVBGC) has received COVID-19 grant funding from the United Way of Northern Arizona to help defray the additional costs of operation brought on by the reduced club member-to-staff ratio and additional deep cleaning that has to occur daily to ensure superior hygiene.

The grant award of $8,246.93 will offset the daily attendance fee loss absorbed by the club due to the additional federal CDC health recommendations. Board member Kay Wilkins said “We know how necessary it is to have the club open as a safe place for children, where they can learn and enjoy spending time. I am sure that our entire community is grateful for the help of the United Way.” She continued, “the club will be able to serve up to 18 members Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. who have single parents or whose parents are essential workers.” Club members will receive tutoring and complete their homework assignments in the morning, receive the school district lunch and participate in STEM or outdoor activities in the afternoon.

“The club will operate a little differently under COVID conditions than normally,” said Mannie Bowler, Executive Director. “Normally the front door is a revolving door for older kids, but that won’t be the case under COVID. Members will need to be dropped off by an adult and hopefully retrieved by the same adult, when at all possible. Additionally, to ensure CDC compliance the club staff to member ratio will be 9:1 and the two groups will participate in separate activities.”

Without the COVID-19 funds, the Round Valley club would not be able to absorb the $324 a day loss. “It is much more costly to run the club when many protocols have to be in place to protect children.” said Wilkins. The club provides yearly direct and indirect services to 40% of the Round Valley Unified School District students and depends largely on private philanthropy for operating support. Please consider rerouting your Arizona tax liability through the use of the tax credit and keep the money local. Please visit for more tax credit information. The Club will open Tuesday, April 28, 2020. For further information contact the club at 928-333-7824.

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About Boys and Girls Club of Round Valley

The Boys and Girls Club of Round Valley is a nonprofit organization focusing on enabling young people, especially those who need an after school family, to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible adults.

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