April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and the Court Appointed Special Advocate program, CASA of Apache County, is launching a volunteer recruitment campaign called “Be That Someone” to help support the need for awareness of child abuse.

Throughout the month of April, the CASA program will distribute informational fliers in an effort to educate the community about child abuse and neglect, as well as to encourage community members to volunteer for the CASA program to advocate for a child in the foster care system.   

Currently, Apache County has over 60 children that have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Despite the alarming number, there are currently only three CASA volunteers that are advocating for these children in court. CASA of Apache County hopes to shed light on the urgent need for additional volunteers.

“Children in foster care experience a tremendous amount of uncertainty and change. These children don’t have someone who is stable in their life to speak up on their behalf,” stated CASA of Apache County Program Coordinator Stephanie Fink. “We at CASA of Apache County challenge you to ‘Be that Someone’ in the life of a child in foster care. Every child deserves to have their voice heard.”  

CASA volunteers serve as critical figures in the lives of children who have suffered from abuse or neglect. After receiving special training and being appointed by a judge, CASA volunteers gather all of the information involving a child’s case and make formal recommendations to the court on the child’s behalf. As a result, children with a CASA volunteer spend less time in foster care and receive better access to support and services. “A CASA is the eyes and ears of the judge. Each child in foster care deserves to have that special someone to advocate for them. If you want to help children in Apache County, become a Court Appointed Special Advocate,” states Presiding Judge Donna Grimsley.

For more information on CASA of Apache County, or how you can volunteer, call Stephanie Fink at (928) 337-3552 or sfink@courts.az.gov or visit www.casaofapachecounty.org.

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