Vaccinating kid

Declining childhood vaccinations in Arizona are worrisome to health officials.

School’s starting and vaccination rates are falling for a host of preventable diseases, warn health officials.

We’re not talking about COVID here. We’re talking about scourges like measles and polio, which are now making a comeback all over the world due to declining vaccination rates.

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no to the jab


How did the world survive before? Wild animals. Not people. Still going strong.

Horse Rider

Many didn't. I hope my smallpox vaccination 50+ years ago is effective against monkey pox. In the fourteenth century, the Black Death (bubonic plague) killed an estimated quarter of the world's population.


Is this Darwinism at work? The sad part is, their own children are the victims.


Not surprising! You lie to people for two years about a vaccine that is not a vaccine, that does not prevent the illness it is supposed to, has many side effects, including death and you expect them to still be all onboard with any vaccination?

How stupid.


There are people who do not trust vaccines for one reason or another. Solve that problem and you just might solve the problem of dwindling vaxx rates.

Vernon USA

Flaming leftie Aleshire is readying everyone for a shutdown, so the Dems can completely destroy small businesses that have somehow managed o survive and are still struggling. Of course he will then blame The Unvaccinated monsters. The vaccination propaganda went from stopping the spread the Wuhan Flu, to mitigating its symptoms. He fails to mention that booster after booster will not help the spread and that the CDC has been downplaying very severe side effects and deaths. This is about control, not healthcare. Don't fall for it again. Don't vote for the same people who put your kids in useless face diapers that recycled bacteria into their lungs, compromised their immune systems, destroyed their social skills and communication skills and are now pushing for them now to get the jab. Do not comply.

Vernon USA


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