Cowboy Up feed store fire

A fire broke out Tuesday morning at Cowboy Up feed store in Springerville, claiming a workshop and an RV while damaging a hay shed and other vehicles.

SPRINGERVILLE — A fire Tuesday morning at Cowboy Up feed store in Springerville destroyed a workshop, an RV, and damaged a hay shed and other vehicles.

The fire started in a small engine repair shop in a separate building behind the store.

Jeff Wells, who owns and operates the store along with other members of his family, said part of their business is selling and repairing small engines on equipment such as chain saws and other items.

Wells and the rest of the staff were in the store when a customer alerted them to smoke coming from the repair shop building. Wells said he opened the door of the shop to find thick smoke.

He tried to get a hose running on it, but found it was frozen, so he called 911.

“It was just too late,” he said. “The engine repair shop is a total loss.”

According to Springerville Fire Chief Max Sadler, the structures were “fully enveloped” by the time firefighters arrived on the scene at about 9 a.m.

The Springerville Fire Department was assisted on the scene by the Eagar Fire Department. Four engines and 12-15 firefighters battled the blaze until it was brought under control about 11 a.m. Local police closed off the street in front of the store.

Firefighters were able to save the main store building and other structures on the site, and no injuries were reported.

The greatest loss, Wells said, was his parent’s fifth-wheel RV, which they lived in. The trailer was parked next to the engine repair shop, and was also completely destroyed by the fire. Valuable personal belongings and family mementos were lost.

“I was heartbroken for my mom,” Wells said.

On Wednesday, Wells was working with his insurance company to assess the losses. He said he is grateful no one was hurt, as well as for how the community has reached out to help.

“The fire department, everyone was great. I must have had 50 calls and texts yesterday asking if we need anything,” he added.

Wells said it was “a sad deal, for sure,” but said his Christian faith and his family will help him get through it. 

“We’ll move along,” he said.

The store, located on Mountain Avenue, remains open for business.


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