In response to the recent letter from Dr. Gregory Jarrin: I agree that the riot at the the Capitol on Jan. 6 was a contemptible action by members of a party that is supposed to believe in law and order. Efforts by some Republicans to trivialize the attack on the Capitol are laughable. While the legitimacy or fairness of the election can be debated, demonstrators that adopted the methods of anarchists were foolish and destructive.

I doubt the proposed bipartisan committee to investigate causes and solutions would actually accomplish much. My belief is that it would just become a drawn out public theatre for polarized political partisans. Why is there no affirmation of the ability of the FBI to investigate, report their findings, and make recommendations to Congress as is their mandate?

The post election rhetoric from President Trump was unsuitable for the leader of our nation. His rally near the Capitol on the day the election was to be certified was unwise and provocative. I have to wonder why, months later after hundreds of arrests, not one person has been charged with sedition or insurrection. It just might be that the rioters were a loose collection of “wing nuts” that believed they were following the direction of the president rather than the conspirators Democrats believe them to be.

Mark Griego,


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How is your opinion news? Or even relevant? There is no room for reasoned doubt about the election, hardly debatable. Rather than a rag tag band of “wing nuts,” Trump said he’d be there with them. No, the real “Wing Nut” was in the White House. No excuse.

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