The Undying Holiday-Suicide Myth

This chart, provided by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, shows the percentage of stories supporting the holiday-suicide myth and those debunking it, from the 1999 to 2000 through to the 2021 to 2022 holiday seasons.

The Annenberg Public Policy Center with the University of Pennsylvania is continuing the fight against the well-reported but misconceived notion that suicide rates skyrocket during the holiday season.

The idea that suicide rates go up during the holidays remains an unfounded myth. While there has been evidence compiled proving that stress-rates rise dramatically during the winter season, there isn’t much proving that suicide attempts and deaths increase in relation to that.

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APPC has ties to the Bill Gates Foundation and also owns Anything regurgitated by the APPC is liberally biased and politically motivated by the Left.


Agreed. This story is a nothing sandwich. The "data" reported proves nothing at all. None of it is scientifically sound or statistically meaningful.

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