HEBER/OVERGAARD — “They forced me down on the table, but I lost consciousness, and the next thing I remember is waking up on a highway,” recalled Travis Walton on the 40th anniversary of his abduction by an unidentified flying object.

To mark the occasion, Walton hosted a Skyfire Summit UFO conference in Overgaard last weekend.

“I didn’t know how much time had gone by but later found out it was five days and six hours. I was badly injured and could feel the cold of the pavement, but my clothes were warm. I saw the disc shoot off into the sky and then saw the lights of Heber/Overgaard.”

On Nov. 5, 1975, Walton was part of a seven-man logging crew working in the Sitgreaves National Forest near Heber. As they were leaving that night, they all saw a bright light off to their right. When they got closer, they saw a bright saucer-shaped UFO hovering about 20 feet over a clearing.

Walton was the only one who got out of the truck to investigate.

“I was awestruck and entranced by the beauty of the thing. I thought it would take off, but it didn’t and I didn’t appreciate the danger I was in,” said Walton during a panel discussion at the conference with two of his former crew members.

At the discussion with Walton were Mike Rogers, the driver of the truck, and John Goulette. It was the first time the three of them had been all together in 40 years.

Conference attendees asked the men questions about what they saw and how they felt. Rogers and Goulette recounted how after Travis was knocked to the ground by a bright, blue-green beam of light, they drove away in blind panic. Rogers stopped the truck about a quarter mile away, and after seeing the spaceship leave, they went back, but Walton was gone.

Asked how he felt when he heard they left him, Walton responded: “I didn’t fault them. What Mike and the crew did was understandable and they showed common sense. For them to come back that soon unarmed was heroic.”

Rogers said they shouldn’t have left and he didn’t think it was heroic.

Asked how long it took them to get back to “normal,” Walton replied that some of them never did get back to normal but it was an ongoing process they have accepted.

“It affected my life for about two weeks,” Goulette said. “But I went somewhere no one knew me or talked about the event. Four out of five people in town let us know they didn’t believe us. It’s the opposite now. I realized about three years ago that a lot of people here have had their own experiences.”

Rogers said he didn’t like all the media attention and wouldn’t talk about it for many years.

“I was nicknamed the reluctant celebrity,” Walton said. “I never liked it or the attention, but along with the burden comes a certain amount of responsibility. Lots of people are afraid to speak about what happened to them. This helps them to be vindicated.”

Walton has continued to live in the area.

Rogers said this was the first time he’s been to one of the events or conferences and only went this time because Walton asked him to.

“It took him an hour to answer me,” Walton noted.

“I want to spend more time with them,” Rogers said. “We shared an experience that should have bonded us, but we spread out. Steve (Pierce) changed his name and hid out for 30 years. I’ve learned a lot about people from this.”

The conference started on Nov. 5 and ran four days to Nov. 8. Hundreds of people came from around the country to attend the conference, which also featured experts on UFOs and some of the law enforcement officers who investigated the event 40 years ago.

 On Thursday, Nov. 5, some attendees planned to take a trip to the site of Walton’s abduction, but the rain and snow a few days earlier made the trip impossible.

A second trip was held that Sunday and over a hundred people journeyed to the site on four school buses or in their own vehicles.

Ben Hansen, a former host of the TV show “Fact or Faked: The Paranormal Files” traveled on one of the buses. He is a good friend of Walton’s and helped organize the event. He is also the co-director of a new documentary called “Travis.”

During the trip, Hansen recounted the site surveys done, the fact that there were a group of hunters in the area who years later told Walton they saw the lights of the space craft and that he has been to the site seven times.

“I came alone once at night,” Hansen said. “It was spooky.”

The area of the event 40 years ago was burned in the Rodeo-Chediski Fire in 2002, and the old logging road they had been on has been decommissioned by the Forest Service.

Two of the four school buses got bogged down in mud, and everyone had to walk over snow, mud, rocks and debris for almost a half mile to get to the site. There was nothing to see, just an overgrown clearing on the Mogollon Rim.

Walton showed everyone where everything happened, where the truck was and approximately where he was knocked to the ground.

A book about the event called “Fire in the Sky was published in 1979. A movie with the same name came out in 1995, though Walton said it isn’t accurate in many of the details.

The other members of the crew are Allen Dalis, Dwayne Smith and Kenneth Peterson. All the men are now in their mid- to late-60s.

Walton spends his time these days writing, going to conferences and events and sharing his story.

The UFO community of scientists, researchers and media are all still interested in his story and continue to investigate the UFO phenomenon.

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This was a prank to get out of a logging contract. The story got a life of its own and people seem to want to believe this stuff. Most people who know these yahoo's don't believe it. The division is between people that laugh about it, and those that fall down laughing about it. Nice work keeping someone from cracking though. That part is impressive ! [sad][wink][beam][smile] The movie should have been called "Money in the pocket" ,Instead of 'Fire in the Sky"!


na-nu, na-nu


Klaatu barada nikto


Where's my tin foil hat?[crying]


@funnyboy you may not believe in his story cause you never experienced it before! some people have seen ufos or been abducted just like mr walton but have some respect this stuff is real weather you believe it or not

Rose Man Glenn

The Walton case is not the first alien abduction case to go public. The Betty and Barney Hill case preceded this one. There's been hundreds of cases of alien or et abduction. Many Prominent people have come forward about what appears to be an ongoing alien presence on this planet. At this point I don't think that it's all about financial gain. I think that there's an ongoing effort by many people all around the world to present the truth about what's really going on. With the advent of the internet, information about this subject has become readily available. One just has to have the desire to do their own research and realize that there's been an ongoing effort to confuse the issue. In closing, I believe Mr. Walton is telling the truth, based on what I've seen and heard thus far.

Ranger Rick

I can tell you Travis Walton had a real UFO experience event and extra terrestrial abduction!

I saw five UFOs in one year mainly in one pretty small area of northern California and one in Utah experienced by my 80-year-old Aunt and 70 something-year-old mom!

Three of these sightings were with two people I believe who have been abducted and tracked since they were kids.

The movie Fire in the Sky was one of my favorite movies about an abduction UFO experience based on a real life experience. Another one is Communion about Whitley Strieber‘s abductions of which he wrote three books about!

And of course the granddaddy of them all of the UFO Incident about Barney and Betty Hills abduction in the early 1960s: I believe in Vermont. Peoples extraterrestrial abductions all have similar patterns where they don’t recall the actual abduction they recall sighting of the UFO: then there’s time missing and then there are many times recalls in dreams until either the reality breaks through to the consciousness or they undergo regression hypnosis!

Regression hypnosis is used in situations with people that have traumatic events that they can’t remember what happened and undergo hypnosis in order to recall the event.

What the research says there are thousands of

abductions: millions of UFO sightings around the world every year!

Most people won’t come forward with the abduction story just for the very reason that Travis Walton and the rest of the crew were reluctant to come out since the actual events happened!

Much more acceptance of these things now but people are usually skeptical and make fun of you or think you’re a little wacky unless they’ve had an UFO experience themselves then it’s a totally different reaction!

I believed in UFOs and I had done studies prior to my actual UFO sightings which were all unexplainable and defy normal vehicle movements of anything known built by man!

The UFO Experience with my mom actually changed her whole perception of the universe and she started buying books for me: Communion and others and actually expanded her consciousness: just the contact from that sighting!

When you see these things you’re trying to explain it in your mind in terms of what you know of craft known such as airplanes: helicopters: balloons or satellites and meteors and you quickly realize that this is none of the above!

Also you feel a certain connection: yes: some kind of mental contact!

You are awestruck afterward of a UFO experience.

My father was a naval flight and astral navigation instructor was an amateur astronomer. He told me about two sightings one of them at our home in the backyard and another when he was a late teen in another state.

I also had an uncle who flew to 30 missions over Germany in a B 17 and retired a colonel and was part of intelligence at the Pentagon.

Discussing UFOs one day he said “ What the government knows is absolutely mind-boggling“!

He was also a conservative person but was not conservative in regards to UFOs. He also listened to my mom and my aunts and my story about our UFO sighting and reaffirmed that we had actually seen a UFO.

All you have to do is look in the Bible: Ezekiel: Moses and Enoch: you’ll have to read a separate book also Jonah:if you look at those in terms of them describing mechanical ships: spaceships and abduction and contact:it’ll all make sense!

There’s a whole theory of sky gods in every major culture! Why would these cultures build pyramids all around the world aligned with star systems such as Orion.

The Egyptians:the Mayans the ancient Hindu cultures the Samarian‘s: Chinese ancient culture: the Hopi Indians of the southwest and on and on!

Nazca Lines ancient made figures and lines on the ground that could only be seen by the air and crop circles and many military encounters even one observed by Eisenhower during a NATO event in the late 40s.

If you haven’t had your own UFO experience who knows you may still have one but open your eyes to the possibility we’ve had extraterrestrial contact for thousands of years but have also influenced human development and civilization and it continues today with known contacts between governments and extraterrestrials.

In the US it actually started before Roswell with that being the most publicized event of a crashed spacecraft and alien contact.

The US and other countries have done back

engineering of captured extraterrestrial spacecraft including the Nazis: the Russians: the United States and probably China.

As much information that is out there about all of this: Ancient Aliens is one series: UFO files is another and a new series Project Blue Book reenacts actual investigated incidences and is very well done.

It gets to me that of all the anthropologist and archaeologist it took a novice to come up with the idea of ancient alien contact theory by Van Däniken in Chariots of the Gods!

For example how did these archaeologist figure these ancient peoples and civilization managed to build these fantastic pyramids and monuments that we would have a hard time constructing today if we could in some cases!

I believed in the not too distant future the whole contact of extra terrestrial’s with our civilization today in the past will be revealed openly!

It made sense 70 years ago to keep this under wraps and may have got out of control because of the secrecy of the technology!

Just check out the group Majestic 12 that Truman created and the reason for Eisenhower’s statement of Beeare of the military-industrial complex.

Also the reason why we never went back to the moon after the Apollo missions.

It’s possible that some of these sightings are actually craft we have made ourselves!

It very well may be that Star Trek is already here: it’s being kept secret for all kinds of technological, economic, socia, religious and political reasons!

Keep an open mind because the truth is coming it’s actually there for us to see documented but that’s only the tip of the iceberg!


My account with a UFO experience was in 1976 in Bumpass Va. I was at my grandfather's house (Louisa County) it was in the summer maybe August

I was sleeping in the upstairs bedroom there were two windows facing north my grandfather had wooden blinds. I was awakened and immediately went to the window opened the blind and saw an oval shaped light maybe about 60 feet in length. After I got up my sister was sleeping in the other bed I did not say anything or make a noise, but she immediately came by my side. And as were looking in aw the huge oval shaped object hovered for about 30 seconds then the object took of to the right at an enormous speed.

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