The county fair’s importance dates back to a history when people loved to get together and celebrate. They celebrated successful learning and showed their best harvest and crafts. The county fair was a celebration everyone looked forward to. It brought the community together. Over the years, have we forgotten the importance of the county fairs to our rural communities? Citizens come together to socialize, learn and enjoy good local food and entertainment. It’s events like these that many rural families plan for each year.

With September just around the corner, we are starting the thick of county fair season and competition abounds for blue ribbons and champion banners. Some will take those ribbons and banners home and some will not. However, that is not the most important concept gained from participating at the county fair. There are better things learned while participating or attending the county fair, such as citizenship.

Citizenship means being a good friend, parent, neighbor or supporter. It’s important to be good role models as all members of the county participate at the fair. All of these kids and community members work hard. There will always be someone who works more and someone who works less, but who are we to judge what’s fair?

Look for opportunities to celebrate the success of others. Also, see the opportunity to find the kids who get sent back to the barn with no award and point out the good that you saw in them. You won’t have to try hard to find grounds for a compliment. Sometimes it’s simply showing up and telling them how much they improved or how hard they worked.

Don’t let the success of others take away from the potential growth of your own experiences. Find people to surround yourselves with who share in that “unpopular” county fair opinion. Friendships last way longer than banners.

Navajo County Fair opens with an Opening Ceremony on September 11th at 6:00 pm and runs through September 14th. Apache County fair runs from September 4th through 7th. You can find all types of entertainment from livestock and horse shows to beauty pageants, garden crops, rodeos to demolition derby, plus many more events, not to mention all the fun food.

Navajo County Fair, Inc. will be celebrating the 88th Anniversary of the Navajo County Fair & Rodeo. The first Navajo County Fair was held in Taylor in 1926. In 1931, the County Supervisors decided to move the county fair to Holbrook due to it being the county seat and its’ central location in the county. The fairgrounds and other facilities were built as a permanent location for the county fair and other events. Since that time there has never been a year without a fair.

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