Tiffany Shedd challenged Tom O’Halleran to seven debates, to ensure that voters across the district are able to hear from both candidates on the issues that matter to them.

“I’m challenging Tom O’Halleran to seven debates because Arizona’s First Congressional District is an extremely diverse district facing a wide array of challenges,” said Tiffany Shedd. “Our district deserves a representative that understands the complex issues our district faces, and will work to fix them, not a politician, like Tom O’Halleran, who says one thing in Arizona and does another in Washington, DC. As a farmer, small business owner, natural resource attorney, former bi-lingual kindergarten teacher, and mother to three native American children I have personally experienced many of the issues facing Arizonans in the 1st Congressional District and will confront them head on in Congress.”

Arizona’s First Congressional District is the 11th largest Congressional District in the United States, and includes all or part of 11 of Arizona’s 15 counties. These debates should take place across the district, and broadcast live, on television, radio, and/or online, so that voters are able to hear directly from the candidates. In addition to two general debates, the Shedd campaign believes there should issue specific debates on tribal issues, the economy, healthcare, natural resources and infrastructure, and public safety and border security in order to appropriately address these critical issues.

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In other words she wants him to be wasting time here debating her, when he should instead be in DC being a legislator. You know, his job?

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