The 2022 midterm elections will take place on Tuesday. Analysts say Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania likely to decide control of US Senate.

The 2022s midterm elections will take place in four days, and the White Mountain Independent is working to ensure voters are prepared to fulfill their responsibility to vote and help steer their country in a new direction.

In 1866, Francis Bicknell Carpenter quoted Abraham Lincoln as saying, “The election is in their hands. If they turn their backs to the fire, and get scorched in the rear, they’ll find they have got to sit on the blister.”

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Citizen D

It is absolutely alarming how many election deniers we have on the slate this year, and I would not be surprised if every single one of them was voted in. I am disappointed in Katie Hobbs for not debating; but then again, the "Big Lie" proponents would never pay attention to facts or anything else that requires some intellect or basic research. To see what has happened to good Republican people like Rusty Bowers is disturbing at best. Politics has become a blood sport and reasonable debate has been tossed into the garbage heap.


I wish WMI had a thumbs up option for comments!


Vote RED


Russ: Why would any sane, rational American want to do that?


True Republicans need to take the GOP back from the MAGA anti-American nuts.

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