OVERGAARD — According to a press release from the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office, on Dec. 8, sheriff’s deputies arrested Ryan Michael Brown, 40, on a felony warrant in Overgaard.  The felony associated with the warrant is not yet known. During the arrest, Brown fought with the deputies and attempted to escape.

The incident started when deputies responded to the 2800 block of Holiday Forrest Drive in Overgaard to affect the arrest, and after the deputies arrived, they located Brown “hiding,” and attempted to call him out of hiding multiple times. Brown reportedly complied with the commands, but while being placed under arrest, resisted and attempted to escape from custody. Deputies safely subdued him after zapping him with a Taser, stated the release.

During a search of his person, Brown was allegedly found to be in possession of a handgun, marijuana and three ounces of a white substance believed to be methamphetamine. He was booked into Navajo County Jail for the warrant and also on charges of resisting arrest, being a prohibited possessor of a weapon, possession of a deadly weapon and possession of dangerous drugs.

Arizona law sets a “threshold” of the amount of drugs possessed by someone in order to presume that the possessor intended to sell it. The threshold for meth is 9 grams, and there are 28 grams in an ounce. If the substance allegedly found was indeed meth, and if Brown actually had three ounces of it, that adds up to 84 grams, meaning the law presumes he intended to sell it.

A grand jury later indicted Brown for three counts: possessing drugs for sale, the prohibited possessor charge, and resisting arrest, Class 2, 4, and 6 Felonies, respectively. If the reason for prohibited possessor charge was because Brown had been convicted of a felony, and if that felony is within the last 10  years, he will be going into these new cases (the warrant case and the new indictment) with a prior felony which could greatly increase the prison time Brown faces.

He was scheduled to appear in court yesterday. Brown is presumed by law to be innocent and

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