PINETOP-LAKESIDE – It was a short council meeting for the first council meeting of July. There were only three items on the agenda – the consolidated fee schedule, the non-motorized trail grant for Mountain Meadow Recreation Complex and a Wagon Wheel zone change which was pulled.

FY 2020-2021 Consolidated Fee Schedule

Council held a public hearing on adopting the FY 2020-2021 Consolidated Fee Schedule for the town which occurs annually and there were no spokespersons from the public.

Speaking on behalf of Director of Public Works Matt Patterson, who was not present, Town Manager Keith Johnson reminded the council of Patterson’s presentation at the Feb. 20 budget work session where he reported financial trouble for the Collection Center. Johnson said that now that summer has arrived, the revenue usually increases, which is when they break even. To offset the deficit, a recommendation was made to increase the recycling fee from $1 to $2.

“One area where we lose money is on the collection of plastic and aluminum,” Johnson said.

He said that having to take recyclables to the Valley or wherever they have to take them, increases their costs. The town is committed to recycling but the $1 increase will help offset the loss. The new suggested rate of $2 is for up to a 50 gallon trash bag.

Vice Mayor Jerry Smith disagreed with the suggested increase on recycling saying the increase, “is defeating the purpose of trying to get people to recycle.”

Johnson said they would look at the fees as a whole after the summer and if it is a problem they could go back to the $1 fee.

Mayor Stephanie Irwin said she had talked with many people who said they would gladly pay more for recycling. Johnson added that many communities are now canceling their recycling programs.

New fees for bagged household trash will now be: 30 gallon — $3; 40 gallon — $4; 50 gallon — $5 and 100 gallon — $10.

The police department will now charge $5 for animal license fees.

The resolution for the fee schedule passed with Smith opposing.

A complete schedule of collection center items and their charges, which became effective July 3, can be found at

Resolution on Application to Arizona State Parks

Johnson reported that Public Works would like to submit an application for a grant to the Arizona State Parks and Trails Non-Motorized Grant Fund to construct 492 feet of concrete sidewalk which will connect to the existing concrete sidewalk adjacent to Woodland Road. He said the connection would allow pedestrians to safely enter Mountain Meadow Recreation Complex (MMRC). Public Works would also construct an asphalt pathway of 6,906 feet which would create a perimeter pathway around MMRC.

The grant amount would be $80,000 from State Parks and the monetary match from Pinetop-Lakeside would be around $58,000. There would be an in-kind match for personnel of approximately $68,000 and an in-kind for equipment of around $131,000. The total project cost is $337,000. Public works employees will do the project themselves.

Councilor Carla Bowen reported that during Pinetop-Lakeside Days there were many disabled people who tried to get to the meadow.

Councilor Kathy Dahnk said she had been working with ADA since before its inception and was on the governor’s commission. She said they had been doing everything they could to get people with disabilities out so they could get healthier and hopefully reduce medical expenses. Her final comment regarding the project was, “It’s a win, win, win.”

Council unanimously passed the resolution to apply for the grant.

Public hearing and zoning request for 10.17 acres in Wagon Wheel from OS to C-1

Forwarded on to council from the June 25 Planning and Zoning Commission in which the 10.71 acre request on the corner of Wagon Wheel Road and White Mountain Boulevard was not approved for rezoning from Open Space to C-1 Light Commercial, Community Development Director Cody Blake said property owner Brett Cote was withdrawing his request at this time “to take a step back and look at alternatives.”

The Planning and Zoning commissioners had said they were not comfortable with the rezoning since it did not identify a specific use.

Though a motion was made to deny the C-1 rezone, Commission Chairman Adam Staley made a comment before the vote. He went on record stating the commissioners did not deny the site for C-1 zoning. He said they think it is appropriate zoning for that parcel, but they just want to know what type of business would be going in before approving the zone change, which he believes is challenging both for the commission and for the town.

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Barbara Bruce is a reporter for the White Mountain Independent, covering arts and entertainment on the Mountain and the Pinetop-Lakeside town government.

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