ST. JOHNS - Police arrested 28-year-old James Ray Salazar, II, Aug. 25 for attempted murder (2nd degree), aggravated assault, kidnapping, custodial interference, child abuse and disorderly conduct in connection with a domestic incident.

According to police, Salazar choked a woman at a residence in St. Johns and following the attack the victim walked five miles to her home with one of her two children. Police said the victim had extensive bruising to her neck and head.

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After choking her, he walked five mles TO her home with one of her kids?

Where were they? How is it he got so far before law enforcement caught him?


The VICTIM (the woman) walked five miles, not the perpetrator! Put yer glasses on, Camulos..................[thumbdown]


You are correct. I was in a hurry and paid little attention.



Does anything good ever happen in St. Johns???? Seriously!


If you only read this reporter's tripe, you would think that St. Johns was the worst place in the world. It is the County seat and all criminals end up here in the jail and the courts, but cgray610 is right...Seriously!

over the hill

Article says at a RESIDENCE in St.Johns. Doesn't sound like they just ENDED up there while going thru the system. FanO, you have been really knarly lately, take a chill pill.


No crime in St. Johns. Hmmm. Murders, Attempted murders, burglaries, child molests, drugs everywhere, the list goes on. Maybe this is why my neighbor working for St. Johns PD is always working. Open up your eyes people this is not the St. Johns of old. Does it need to happen to you for it to sink in? Stop a police officer or Deputy and talk to them. You wouldn't just be surprised, you would be afraid to walk down the street.


@Bevpluskids iv'e lived here for many many years and have never been afaird to walk at nite in this little town,the crime here is not as big as you not saying crime does not happen here but it is not as big as you or "your friend say' no town is free of crime, st.johns or not we have people living here who are not long time residents and are from different parts of az and other states,the world has changed and that means we need to be more aware of the dangers in any small town,in the big city they call it street smarts!!!!!!!!!!

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