Barbershop Chorus: Sing don't litter

The High Country Barbershop Chorus celebrates with completed 15 years of community service by picking up the litter on South Central/East Woolford Road May 30. As always, they found the usual cans, bottles, and fast food trash, but over the years they have seen a change in the nature of the trash found. The good news is there were far fewer beer cans than in the past, the bad news is that cigarette butts were still everywhere along the road, with the constant danger of causing a fire. Replacing the beer cans were an increase of plastic water bottles. Unusual items found were hubcaps and e-cigarette holders. "Why do people feel the need to throw trash from their car?" a representative said. "We live in such a beautiful area; it is a shame that we have to desecrate it by trash littering the highways. Think about it the next time you feel the urge to toss something out of your car."     

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