SPRINGERVILLE —The Town of Springerville hosted a dedication ceremony on June 23 for the newly constructed bell tower in front of the historic Springerville school building, now home to the Springerville Heritage Center and town hall. The school served the community for 99 years from 1884 – 1983. A bronze bell had been added and perched on to the top of the school in the 1920’s and summoned children until 1950.

Town Manager Steve West, who originally presented an idea to reconstruct the bell tower to the Springerville Rotary Club, presided over the event. The ceremony began with the local Boy Scouts raising the flags and leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Comments were shared by Steve West, along with Rotary Club representative Bryon Harrington, Round Valley Schools Superintendent Travis Udall and Springerville Mayor Mary Nedrow. Mayor Nedrow officially dedicated the bell tower while town council members unveiled the plaque, which in part reads “Dedicated to all the children of Springerville who attended this school in the past and future children who will use this building as an education towards their heritage.” The council members then officially rang the bell, followed by several community members in attendance during the ceremony.

Along with the Springerville Rotary Club, much credit goes to Tucson Electric Power (TEP), Page Steel, Southwest Energy Solutions, and the Springerville Town Council and Public Works department for their contributions, donations, manpower and hard work to bring this idea to reality.

You can see the bell tower anytime, located at the Springerville Heritage Center and Town Hall Complex at 418 East Main Street in Springerville. The Heritage Center is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, and houses several local history museums, the Casa Malpais Archaeological Museum, an art gallery featuring local artists, as well as maps and visitor information. For information, call (928) 333-2656, ext. 230.

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