Blackwood and attorney

Denise Blackwood, left, whispers to her attorney, Bryce Hamblin, during her sentencing hearing which took place last Monday in the Apache County Superior Court in St. Johns.

ST. JOHNS — This morning, Denise Caroline Blackwood, 45, was sentenced to 60 days in the Apache County Jail as part of her plea agreement in two cases for multiple felony charges of animal cruelty and neglect. 

She is also on probation for three years and must report to the Apache County Jail by October 1. She was sentenced to 30 days in jail for each case and they must be served consecutively which adds up to the 60 days.  

The cases arose in October 2019 from the condition of two properties occupied and abandoned by Blackwood in the Concho area where Sheriff’s deputies found horrific scenes of dead and neglected dogs, goats, horses and fowl.

See your Friday Independent for more details about the sentencing and the public outrage that has followed the cases since late 2019.

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Laura Singleton is a reporter for the White Mountain Independent, covering Show Low city government, business and education.

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Bad road ahead

Thanks for the quick update on this case.


Too bad Apache county is so accommodating. She lied about leasing this place with her "significant other" and her "minor" child is 17! She was the only occupant, except for a short time her ADULT daughter, SIL, and a child! Hamblin is tool and the DA never interviewed any witnesses to the crime scene, not even neighbors or persons who cleaned the horrific mess up.

Hamblin: if a child molestor lived next to me and i could see the law is not following up on the case i would be there every day too! You were conned. She has been conning ppl and destroying properties and animals for over TEN YEARS!

Too many not doing their job, sheriff, investigator, DA, judge....thats why we were there because we found out the ppl need to bring attention to this case.

She only gets 2 months jail, AT HER LEISURE! i doubt she will learn anything from this slap on the hand!


It's sad for all of the animals, she should be in jail for a long time and not for only 60 day's.... I think she should be in jail longer and pay a fine for every poor animal she has killed.

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