SHOW LOW — Apache, Navajo and Yavapai counties are the tip of the spear for infection rates and all register in the “red zone” based on Arizona Department of Health Services metrics for viral spread.

Total case numbers for Apache and Navajo County include several Native American reservations which push the numbers higher. However, tracking by the Navajo and Apache Public Health Departments demonstrates that the number of “off-tribal” lands cases are catching up.


The number of daily new cases in “off-tribal” lands come very close to the total number of new, daily cases. This trend indicates more community spread in “off-tribal” lands such as Show Low, Pinetop-Lakeside, Holbrook, Heber-Overgaard, Snowflake-Taylor, etc.

Navajo County — As of Friday, Dec. 11, there were 9,417 cases in all of Navajo County. Of the 9,417 there were 3,377 cases “off-tribal” lands.

The number of new daily cases in Navajo County last Friday was 104. Of that total, 77 were “off-tribal” lands.

Examples of days where the “off-tribal” cases were as high as the total number of new cases:

Dec. 11 — 104 new cases, 77 were “off-tribal”

Dec. 10 — 154 new cases, 107 were “off-tribal”

Dec. 9 — 103 new cases, 102 were “off-tribal”

Dec. 4 — 96 new cases, 83 were “off-tribal”


Nov. 11 — 48 new cases, 17 were “off-tribal”

Nov. 7 — 45 new cases, 14 were “off-tribal”

Nov. 1 — 44 new cases, 13 were “off-tribal”

Oct. 15 — 161 new cases, 9 were “off-tribal”

Sept. 2 — 23 new cases, 10 were “off-tribal”

Apache County — On Thursday, Dec. 10, there were 6,182 cases in Apache County which also includes the Navajo Nation. Of the 6,182, there are 599 cases “off-tribal” lands. There were 13 new cases in “off-tribal” lands on Thursday.

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Yesterday in the dentist office, out of 5 in the waiting area, only 2 of us wore masks. I can expect that those same 3 anti-maskers will also refuse the vaccine. Herd immunity is achieved at about 70%. If 60% are not even bothering to wear masks, we can be fairly certain that Arizona will never reach herd immunity.

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