The annual Community Fast of Compassion for 2021 was completed on Saturday, Nov. 13, and a community celebration was held on Sunday evening, Nov. 21, at the Show Low School auditorium. Several hundred people gathered together to celebrate their common commitment to help those in need among us.

The Fast Committee was introduced: Steve Williams, Daryl Seymore, Pastor Tom Brown, Pastor Steve Heckathorne, Becky Clarke, Kyle Beeccroft, Jared Hall, and Mayor John Leech. Then Steve Williams offered thanks to all who had participated in the Fast, and in particular, a special thanks to our local businesses, who generously contributed. As of the date, we were just shy of $62,000 in giving.

The celebration was filled with musical numbers from the various churches and schools, then interspersed with video testimonies from the school personnel, helping organizations, and service groups who directly benefit from the Fast. It was quite touching to hear how these funds have made a difference in peoples’ lives through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Fast is a major statement that local communities can meet their own needs without depending on government support. All the funds raised go directly to helping people. There are no administrative costs, and any expenses incurred are handled by volunteers.

Mayor John Leech gave some words of encouragement at the close of the service. He took note that we have a remarkable community, where our citizens are willing to pitch-in and help one another.

The celebration was closed as they sang: “God Bless America.”

The Fast Committee wishes to thank all who participated in this worthy event. They will continue to receive donations through the end of the year so, you can still give to this great community effort.

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