Steve North

Show Low Business Development Coordinator Steve North recommends a feasibility study that would further investigate the possibility of a sports/event/convention center in Show Low.

SHOW LOW — The possibility of developing a sports/event/convention facility in Show Low is still moving forward, albeit carefully.

On April 6, the council unanimously approved a new $75,000 contract with Sports Facilities Advisory, LLC (SFA) to conduct a third study to determine if such a project is a good idea for the city of Show Low.

This is a third planning study by SFA to better identify funding sources, project partners, a development location and a conceptual site plan.

The planning portion of the study has not exceed $60,000. The additional $15,000 is for conceptual plan drawings and travel as outlined in SFA’s proposal. The study is to be completed in 90 days.

The study should also lay out a plan on how to move forward if the project is justified by the study.

The contract with SFA has been carefully studied by the city of Show Low staff, Show Low Business Development Coordinator Steve North and the city council before the Apr. 6 vote.

SFA has already conducted feasibility studies for the city of Show Low but each new study brings a sports/event/convention facility closer to the bullseye. The upcoming study promises to do a “deeper dive”, especially with financial and market feasibility.

The big questions are, “Can the city of Show Low finance the project?” and “Will such a facility bring revenue, visitors and economic growth to Show Low and surrounding areas?”

The end goal is for Show Low to become a “premiere venue to attract visitors and spending, have a significant economic and social impact on the entire region, and also achieve operational sustainability,” according to SFA’s materials and the Apr. 6 meeting minutes.

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Laura Singleton is a reporter for the White Mountain Independent, covering Show Low city government, business and education.

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Bob Smith

Third time's a charm? I don't know where this giant facility would reside but if we're going to invite thousands more visitors to town be prepared for gridlock on our already overcrowded roads. Economically this community seems to be doing very well so I don't understand the rush to take on more debt.


The big questions are, “Can the city of Show Low finance the project?”

The City of Show Low in my opinion does not need this sorta venue at tis time. Let's continue to finish up the new park along Old Linden road, Let build a new outdoor pool facility. These are needs this city needs and will be used alot. Lets get some of the empty buildings intown with businesses. I would love to have curb gutter and sidewalk in my neighbor hood.

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