Deuce crash

Show Low Police Officer E. Toth inspects damage to county vehicle on March 31 on the Deuce of Clubs.

SHOW LOW — On March 31 at about 1 p.m. Show Low police responded to a two-vehicle collision at the intersection of Whipple Road and the Deuce of Clubs.

According to report by Show Low police, the driver of a 1997 Chevy pickup truck approached Whipple Road from the east in the No. 2 lane (curbside.)

A Navajo County 2008 four-door white sedan driven by Joshua T. Mann waited to turn right from Whipple to go westbound on the Deuce of Clubs.

Mann believed that the pickup truck was intending to turn left onto Whipple and Mann began his turn.

The truck crashed into the county vehicle causing damage to both, but no injuries, stated the report. It just so happened that a new Independent reporter, Molly Ottman, was driving by with her camera.

A Joshua T. Mann was cited into the Show Low Municipal Court for failing to yield while turning left at an intersection.

The non-criminal citation carries a fine of up to $450 and the Motor Vehicle Department could assess two points against his privilege to drive.

If a person accumulates eight points or more within a year, it could cause problems for a person’s driver’s license.

There was no death or serious personal injury involved, so if Mann does not possess a state-issued commercial driver’s license (CDL) and hasn’t gone though a defensive-driving program within the last year he could complete the program and avoid the fine and the points, but he will have to pay for the program.

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It's shameful that the city of Show Low, county or whomever hasn't taken action to either put an additional traffic light at Whipple and Deuce, make Whipple a right turn only on to Deuce or even better close off access to Whipple all together. It's ridiculous how many accidents there are at that location. Drivers come through the traffic lights at US60 & 260 intersection traveling faster than 35mph. Drivers making a left off Whipple are trying to track heavy oncoming traffic in both directions. I don't even try to make a left off Whipple anymore after being a passenger in an accident It's too dangerous.


the intersection at Whipple and the Deuce of Clubs needs to be closed. It needs to be replaced by an upgraded interstion at 8th Ave and the Deuce of Clubs with a Trafic light at the 8th Ave and the entrance to Safeway. This would solve problems at two dangerous intersetions to the Deuce of Clubs.


My husband & I always go through Show Low on noir way to Alpine. We always stop at Safeway to top off our gas & use the restroom. Trying to get in & out of Safeway is sooooo dangerous! There definitely needs to be a traffic signal there. I’m glad there are others who think the same…

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