The Kmart store in Show Low was open from 1990 until April 2018. After sitting empty for more than a year, there is interest from a dollar store and a fitness center.

SHOW LOW — Semi trucks and trailers have found the large, barren Kmart parking lot a convenient place for an overnight stay. Otherwise, there’s not been much activity at 750 W. Deuce of Clubs in Show Low since the store closed last April when Sears Holding Corporation announced the pending closure of 64 Kmart stores and 34 Sears stores across the county.

Recently, a discount retail store and a fitness center have expressed interest in leasing separate spaces in the 90,509 square ft. building, according to Phoenix-based property broker Western Retail Advisors LLC account manager Makenna Wesley.

The retail store is described as similar to a Dollar General or Family Dollar but Wesley cannot confirm an exact store name at this time. In addition, Show Low Planning and Zoning Commission has not received any business permit or building plan requests.

“The retail and variety store is interested in 24,000 square feet and the fitness center is interested in 20,000 square feet which would leave 42,000 commercially zoned space available,” says Wesley. “We are really close with those leases being signed and working hard to get this accomplished.”

Western Retail Advisors, on behalf of the property owner, say they will continue the search for a suitable tenant(s) to do business in the building should either proposal fall through.

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Laura Singleton is a reporter for the White Mountain Independent, covering Show Low city government, business and education.

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I would prefer to see a Trader Joe store or a Fry's supermarket in the space. I went to Safeway and Walmart yesterday, they both had empty shelves and as usual parking and checkers were in short supply. Both stores need more competition, = better prices and service for the consumer.


Agreed! I keep hoping for a Sprouts or Frys we need some more stores. Every week when I go shopping it is the same thing always out of stuff. Truth be told we need a Costco.


A Costco would be great, but I doubt that would happen. Good idea though...


Yes, we need a Trader Joe's!


Maybe a not so of store with high dollar veggies that come from Walmart trailers marked up as special. Farm & Fleet would be nice.


I would love to see a Fry’s go in there! Safeway needs some competition. No Dollar store or that type of store!


Agreed on the Trader Joe’s or Costco. Maybe a target, bed bath beyond or kohl’s?


Sprouts or Trader Joe’s. Frys has been saying no for years people. We have enough fitness centers.

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